ION DirectView 4 Mirror Gonioscopy Slit Lamp Lens

ION DirectView 4 Mirror Gonioscopy Slit Lamp Lens

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ION DirectView 4 is perfect for fast and effective anterior segment examinations! Four 64° mirrors offer complete 360° view with minor rotation. 8mm all-glass "no fluid" surface diameter design due to glass contacting element. Magnification is .9x. Laser spot magnification factor is 1.1x.

The ALL GLASS contact element eliminates the need for messy fluid interface and features a "flanged" 14.5mm contact surface that is ideal for laser treatment. The DirectView 4 Mirror lens is also available without a flange. No fluid design due to ALL GLASS contacting element - an ion VISion exclusive feature!


Available with either a flange or without.

Mirror Angles: 4 x 64°
Image Mag: .9x
Laser Spot Mag: 1.1x

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