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  • ESC2000 ETDRS Illuminated Cabinet

    Cost-effective ETDRS Testing - ESC2000

    The ESC2000 Illuminator Cabinet provides a uniform retro-illuminated testing surface, ideal for clinical testing of high contrast and low contrast LogMAR tests, including ETDRS, Lea Symbols, Lea Numbers, Landolt C, etc. This cost-effective ETDRS cabinet uses a pure-white LED light source. No need to keep track of bulbs!

  • Naugle Exophthalmometer

    Naugle Exophthalmometer

    Naugle Exophthalmometer is superior and inferior orbital rim-based instrument measures the position of the globe accurately even after Lateral Orbitotomy e.g. post tumor removal or thyroid decompression.

  • EyeSpy Vision Screening Software

    EyeSpy Vision Screening Software

    Step into the 21st Century for Vision Screening with the EyeSpy 20/20 from Vision Quest 20/20. This easy to use and administer vision screening software turns your computer into a "game" taking 2 to 3 minutes to assess vision. Find out more about this revolutionary program.

  • All Glass Lenses

    All Glass Lenses are Better!

    With all ION Lenses, the components in these condensing lens systems are made entirely from glass - even the contacting element to ensure maximum image integrity. The glass contact element also allows for non-fluid applications, alcohol and peroxide cleaning, and long-term durability.

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LEA PuzzleLEA SYMBOLS® calibrated against the international reference optotype - Landolt C

Only pediatric optotypes to blur equally at threshold

Only pediatric symbol eye chart included in the benchmark Vision in Preschoolers Study

Insist on Genuine LEA Products from Good-Lite.

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