Patch Cat and Mr. Frog Flashing Lights

Patch Cat and Mr. Frog Flashing Lights

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Patch Cat and Mr Frog Fixation Lights with magnets provide a Pediatric Fixation anywhere. These guys will light up your Pediatric Exams and make lots of fun. Both of these guys encourage patching in their own way. Patch Cat wears a patch on his glasses. Mr Frog has glasses with one side frosted.

Patch Cat and Mr Frog are from the The Adventures of Patch Cat and Strabismouse by J Snow, CO Illustrated by Sheena Hisiro. Both animals bring great fun either off or with their blinking LED’s turned on. You can put the metal washer that comes with these items anywhere using the double sided tape provided then their magnet holds them to the washer. That can be on the wall, on an instrument like your retinoscope or an occluder. Just twist the back and their LED lights start flashing in a circular motion.

Set includes one each of Flashing Patch Cat and Mr Frog with 9mm magnetic metal washers and double sided tape for mounting. Just twist to turn on/off.

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