Handheld Bagolini Striated Lens Set with Penlights

Handheld Bagolini Striated Lens Set with Penlights

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Finely striated, clear lenses used for evaluating retinal correspondence in patients with eye deviations. Consists of 2 circular lenses mounted in a flipper. Used in the analysis of anomalous correspondence, suppression etc.

When you use the Penlights, a patient with no suppression will see two diagonal lines crossing above, below or at the light source. This can be accomplished at near or far distance. If suppression is present, all or part of one line will not be seen. If the diagonal lines cross at the source when the cover test indicated an ocular deviation, the patient has harmonious, abnormal retinal correspondence.

Penlights has a pupilometer ranging from 2 to 9.

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