IOL Lens Set

IOL Lens Set

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The Intra Ocular Lens Eye Model dramatically demonstrates how vision is re-gained after removal of a cataract. The six (6) inter-changeable lenses simulate IOL and Toric implants of clear posterior capsule, cloudy capsule, and post YAG posterior capsulotomy.

Many patients find current explanations about their vision loss and the outcome of IOL or Toric surgery difficult to understand and are apprehensive about surgical procedures they do not comprehend. The model provides the opportunity to ease patient uncertainty with a demonstration. Quick and easy to use, this unique Intra Ocular Lens Eye Model will save time for the doctor or technician.

The model also shows a cross section of the eye in three layers; the retina, choroid, and sclera with veins and arteries, including central retinal. It is made of plastic, measures 3 3/4 inches in diameter, and is mounted on a white, opaque plastic base. It is realistically colored and textured and the cornea, optic nerve, and insertion of muscle are shown.

The six (6) lenses are available separately and are completely compatible with the Cataract Eye Model and the Merck Eye Model.

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