Large Fixation Disparity Polarized Target

Large Fixation Disparity Polarized Target

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Large Fixation Disparity Polarized Target vectographic two-dimensional card comes with 2 Fixation Disparity Crosses positioned vertically from one another introducing a new Fixation Disparity Cross design (bottom cross at 20/100 acuity level). The Fixation Disparity Cross design is used as saccadic stimuli in the Binocular Accommodative Saccadic Series (BASS-PL), and to facilitate comparison to the standard Fixation Disparity Cross (top cross at 20/95 acuity level) as used in the Binocular Vision Dysfunction Diagnostic & Treatment System.

It is also sensitive to suppression and measures vertical & horizontal binocular function for assessing Near Point of Fixation Disparity (NPFD) (50 inches / 127cm) & Associated Vergence Measures at Near (16 inches - 18 inches / 41cm - 46cm). The Two-dimensional Fixation Disparity Cross stimuli with E Central Fusion Lock help relate binocular alignment to accommodation (clarity of the target).

The Large Fixation Disparity Polarized Target includes a manual and a standard polarized viewer.

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