Bookshelf Polarized Variable Vectograph

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Polarized Bookshelf Vectograph offers a three-dimensional picture used to strengthen the binocular system and providing base-in and/or base-out vision training. Different objects in the vectograph are at varying Depth Levels (Degrees of Arc) and Image Orientation.

Dog Book: 420º Above

Bear: 715º /Below

School Bus: 120º Above

Scissors: 300º Above

Ladder: 776º Below

Right End Books: 1254º Above

Striped Blocks: 300º Below

Mouse: 600º Above

Person's Hand: 1075º Below

Sitting Zebra: 180º Above

Person's Foot: 1500º Below

Monkey: 1550º Above

Cat's Tail: 835º Below

Butterfly: 1550º Above


Left End Books: 955º Above

Includes: Therapy Binder, Right & Left Vectographs, Vecto Guide, Standard Viewer, Doctor & Patient Instruction Guides, and Recording Form with Pen.

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