Tangent Screen Test Objects

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This 9 piece set of flat test objects of are mounted on non-reflective washable vinyl with a black felt background and pin shank for use with Tangent Screen. Includes 18" Tangent Screen Wand. The flat objects included in this set are:

  • A Red/white 18mm object (920107)
  • A Blue/green 18mm object (920104)
  • A Blue/green 10mm object (920101)
  • A Red/white 10mm object (920102)
  • A 1.5mm object white on both sides (920106)
  • A Blue/green 6mm object (920112)
  • A Red/white 6mm object (920113)
  • A Blue/green 3mm object (920109)
  • A Red/white 3mm object (920110)

Along with the 18" Tangent Screen Wand (920000) each object can be purchased separately with their respected number.

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