Computer Anaglyph Screen Filter

Computer Anaglyph Screen Filter

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Computer Anaglyph Screen Filter is used when computer games are designed to be run in Red/Green mode to serve as follow-up Amblyopia training for however, many students want to play with more popular games which have become their favorites. With our new Computer Anaglyph Filter Screen, it is now possible to view these more popular games with full cancellation using the Computer Screen Filter and the Red/Green Glasses. Cancellation is excellent. Since the Filter covers the screen, game controllers or a mouse must be used instead of touch screen.


The Computer Anaglyph Screen Filter measures 8 x 10 inch (25 x 20 cm) which fits tablets and many portable computers. The Filter Screen is made of durable acrylic, not breakable glass. Larger sizes are available-please call.

Red/Green Glasses are also included providing excellent cancellation are also included.

Click here for the 713100 Guide.

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