Oculus Ultimate Trial Frame

Oculus Ultimate Trial Frame

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Oculus Ultimate Trial Frame is Fully Adjustable including nose piece height, temple length, and PD (46 to 80mm). Axis and inclination also adjustable. Holds 5 lenses on each side. Includes vertex distance scale. 

Adjustable for:

  • temple angle (panoscopic and retroscopic)
  • temple length 4 1/3” to 5 1/3” (110 to 135 mm)
  • nose bridge height 0-20mm and nose angle: 0 to 360º
  • PD adjustable 23 to 41mm on each side, separately (46mm to 82mm total both eyes)
  • Lens rotation is full 360º
  • Non allergic materials
  • Nose Piece height and angle for patient comfort

Made in Germany by Oculus. This is the ORIGINAL Oculus Ultimate Trial Frame.

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