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Brown Frame Prismatic Spectacle

48mm Prismatic Spectacle glasses available in different diopter sizes

Corning CPF Low Vision Flippers
Corning CPF low vision flippers available as either individually or in a set of 6.

Foldi™ LED Lamp
The portable LED Foldi™ Lamp features 30 bright daylight™ LEDs to give you comfortable full-spectrum natural daylight which is kind to your eyes

Noir Filter Ring

Noir Filter Ring featuring lenses with a variety of purposes

Pewter Metal Prismatic Spectacle

Pewter Metal Prismatic Spectacle glasses available in different diopter sizes

Runge Low Vision Near Card
Runge Sloan Letter Low Vision Card for 16 in/40 cm

Smart Slide 3X/8D Pocket LED Magnifier

Pocket LED Magnifier 3X/8D

SmartMag 3X "Brilliant" Warm LED Hand-Held Magnifier

Hand-Held LED Illuminated Magnifier

SmartMag 3X Non-Illuminated Hand-Held Magnifier

Non illuminated hand held magnifier with a 100 X 75mm Aspheric Lens

TV Spec Television Spectacle

Telescopic spectacles suitable for viewing TV, movies, theater performances, and sporting events

Twist Portable Lamp
Portable lamp now comes with an ingenious Easy-Twist shade for maximum light angle and maximum. This lamp is compact and lightweight, folds in half allowing you can take it with you wherever you go!

BigEye 1418

Low vision magnifier lamp

Effective Magnification Acuity Chart
Chart allows for easy determination of the starting dioptric power needed to read standard size print.

Flexi-vision Floor Lamp
Flexo-vision lamp in a beautiful silver/chrome finish that combines the best in design and flexibility. Ideally suited for reading or working at home or in the office allowing you to write or read for longer periods of time in optimal comfort

Hobby Lamp
Hobby Lamp is perfect for work or reading on a sofa giving you the best color rendering for comfort

LEA NUMBERS® Cards, 40M and 60M
Single optotype LEA NUMBERS® cards for low vision screening in adults

LEA SYMBOLS® Cards, 40M and 60M
Single optotype LEA Symbols cards for low vision screening in pediatrics

Low Vision Reading Card
Continuous text low vision reading chart with measuring cord available in multiple languages.

Noir Amber-Orange Small

Amber-Orange glasses that provide glare relief while enhancing contrast

Noir Light Grey Small

Relieves indoor glare, helpful under fluorescent lighting


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