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Eye Ball Key Fob

Movie industry quality realistic eyeball key chain

Leo Learns by Doing
Leo Learns by Doing video is a helpful tool for anyone who interacts with a visually impaired child. 17 minute video

VisualEyes Vision Simulator Glasses
Gain insight to a wide range of visual impairments with these easy to use visual impairment simulation glasses

WHAT and HOW Does This Child See? Instructional CD
WHAT and HOW Does This Child See instructional CD contains book text, videos and additional resources

Schematic Eye for Retinoscopy Training
Helps students acquire the skill needed for performing retinoscopy

The Eye Poster
THE EYE POSTER is a poster-size chart that are highly instructive and useful for both patients and office staff - helping to demonstrate normal and abnormal conditions and anatomy of the eye.

Anatomical Drawings Including Ocular

Contains a collection of anatomical drawings with English and Spanish annotations

Clinical Ocular Toxicology Book

Provides comprehensive coverage of all drugs' generic and trade drug names, primary uses, ocular systematic side effects, and clinical significance

Color Blindness - Causes and Effects

Provides an in-depth exploration of color deficiency without excessive medical language. Covers both congenital (genetic) and acquired (environmentally caused) color defects

Color Vision Teaching Guide and Screener

Provides 5 Ishihara type screens plus information on the anatomy, genetics, occupational affects and physics of color deficiency

Dictionary of Visual Science

Dictionary covering over 25,000 terms used in Visual Sciences

Disorders of Eye Anatomical Chart

Illustrates major eye diseases

Dyslexia Determination Test Kit (DDT)

Provides screening, diagnosis and recommended therapy

Dyslexia Screener for First Graders

The Dyslexia Screener kit for First Graders

Eye Care for Infants and Children

Well-known contributors outline the importance of early identification and treatment of vision development abnormalities that affect young children in this book

EyeView Floater Visualizing Scope

This device is used to help the patient see vitreous floaters and other conditions in their own eye

Luggage Tags - "You may need corrective lenses"

Luggage tags with your choice of two catchy eye care oriented phrases

Occupational Color Vision

This is an updated manual by Dr Bernard Blais, MD on the field of color vision from the occupational medicine and environmental medicine point of view

Patch Cat and Strabismouse Book

Soft cover Patch Cat and Strabismouse Book

Patch Cat Stickers Roll of 200

Patch Cat Stickers

Pre-dyslexia Letter Coding Test

Pre-dyslexia Letter Coding Test kit

Psychophysical Measurement of Visual Function

Basic introduction to the tools for the pyschophysical measurement of vision including the basic elements of stimulus presentation and the absolute threshold of vision


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