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ColorCheck Complete Vision Screener
Combining all our color books into one easy to use color vision screening book for both adults and children

ColorCheck™ Handheld Color Vision Screening Tablet

Color vision screening is now as easy as using your favorite app

Laminated HRR Test

Laminated HRR Standard Pseudoisochromatic Test, 4th Edition

HRR Pseudoisochromatic Test laminated for extra protection when testing color vision in children

Oculus Anomaloscope

Precision diagnosis of color vision in the red/green and in the blue/green

Panel 16 Quantitative Color Vision Test, Double Set

Panel 16 Quantitative Color Vision Test - Double Set

Panel 16 Quantitative Color Vision Test, Double Set

Farnsworth 100 Hue Color Test
Farnsworth 100 Hue color test with 93 color discs.

Ishihara Necktie

Shows multiple color vision plates on a green background

Magnetic 100 Hue Color Test

Magnetic 100 Hue color test with 93 color discs

Richmond Magnetic Color Test

Magnetic Farnsworth D15 Color Test

Good-Lite® Magnetic D-15 style color test tests color vision by moving around colored disks with a magnet

Panel 16 Quantitative Color Vision Test, Single Set

Panel 16 Quantitative Color Vision Test - Single Set
Panel 16 Quantitative Color Vision Test (Single Set)

Red/Green Pediatric Glasses (6 pack)

Pediatric Red/Green Glasses that fit over your patient's existing prescription

True Daylight Illuminator

Daylight Illuminator with dual purpose platform is designed to provide optimal light when administering color tests

Richmond HRR Standard Pseudoisochromatic Test

HRR Standard Pseudoisochromatic Test, 4th Edition

Good-Lite HRR Standard Pseudoisochromatic color vision testing book

HRR/Amsler Combination Color Book

HHR standard pseudoisochromatic color test now also includes Amsler charts.


Identifies protan, deutan, and tritan deficiencies

Amsler Giveaways

Intended to be given to patients to use at home, sold as a package of 250 sheets

Amsler Scoring Chart Pad

White grid with black lines to be used by patient to sketch location of aberrations

Blue/Yellow Subset

subset of the HRR 4th Edition used for testing Tritan only

Brush for HRR Test

Brush used to avoid fingerprints

C Daylight Filter (Blue) Glasses

Gives patients near daylight lighting for color vision testing

City University, London Test

Useful for determining inherited defects for protan and deutan errors as well as acquired color vision defects

Color Vision Teaching Guide and Screener

Provides 5 Ishihara type screens plus information on the anatomy, genetics, occupational affects and physics of color deficiency

Combination Occluder

Combines Maddox rod, occluder, red lens, fixation targets, and multiple pinholes

Extra Lancaster Score Sheets

A pack of 50 extra Lancaster score sheets

HRR Pediatric Matching Kit

Helps teach children the ‘matching concept’ using thee matching cards

Ishihara Color Test

Laminated test plates that leave colors unchanged while adding to the longevity

Ishihara Color Test - Unlettered

Tests for Red/Green using 8 plates, great for testing children

J.J. Creamer Color Vision Screener - Congenital

Used for congenital red/green color deficiency screening to indicate the need for further testing by the HRR plates


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