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APD Tester with LED and UV Illumination
APD Tester version with UV illumination supports detection of corneal lesions, abrasions, or foreign bodies.

ETDRS Slide LEA NUMBERS® and Letter
Projector slide featuring LEA NUMBERS® & Sloan Letters

Eye Balls on Purple Neck Tie

Colorful eyes on a purple background

Eye Chart Neck Tie

Beige and Blue Necktie Eye Charts, 100% Silk

Eye Exam Phrase Neck Tie

Black polyester Necktie with Eye Exam phrases

Eyeglasses on Rusty Red Background Neck Tie

Eyeglasses design on a 100% red silk tie

Good-Lite Fixation Cubes

Hand held pediatric fixation cubes with either LEA SYMBOLS® or pictures

Ishihara Neck Tie

Shows multiple color vision plates on a green background

Oculus Ultimate Trial Frame

ORIGINAL Oculus Ultimate fully adjustable trial frame with included vertex distance scale

Parrot Frosted Occluder Glasses

Parrot fun occluder glasses with frosted lens.

Phoropter Neck Tie

A gray necktie with a phoropter design

Retinoscopy Paddles with Axis Compass
Retinoscopy paddles with axis compass on each paddle in a set of two

Small Eye Model
Small Eye Model to assists the healthcare professional in educating patients in the anatomy of the human eye

Snellen Chart on Black Neck Tie

White Letter Snellen Letter Chart on Black Background

Snellen Chart on Red Background Neck Tie

White Letter Snellen Letter Chart on Red Background

Snellen Letter Neck Tie

Black and silver necktie with Snellen Letters

Snellen Letters on Gold Neck Tie

Snellen letters, eyes, and eyeglasses set on a beautiful gold background

Trial Lens Set with Chrome Rims
Comprehensive set of trial lenses with traditional chrome rims. Standard 38mm lens size.

17 Pinhole Occluders

Occluders with 17 pinholes available in various sizes

2-Paddle Retinoscopy Rack
2-Paddle Retinoscopy Rack with plus and minus lenses

Acrylic Ball Wolff Fixation Wand

Acrylic ended Wolff Wand sed in various procedures such as Retinoscopy, Cover Test, and Ocular Motility

Adult Thorington Card
Use with Maddox Rod to help in diagnosing uncrossed or crossed Diplopia and RhypoP, LhyperP, RhyperP and LhypoP.


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