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Inami Adjustable Trial Frame in White

Fully adjustable Inami trial frame

LEA NUMBERS® ETDRS Translucent Chart
LEA NUMBERS® ETDRS translucent distance chart for 10 feet/3 meters testing distance

Lea Symbols® 10 Line Distance Chart

LEA SYMBOLS® 10 Line Distance Chart
LEA SYMBOLS® 10 Line Distance Chart with standard notations

Lea Symbols® Folding Distance Screener Chart

LEA SYMBOLS® 10-Line Folding Pediatric Eye Chart
LEA SYMBOLS® Folding Distance pediatric eye chart for 10' / 3m

Lea Symbols® 15 Line Distance Chart

LEA SYMBOLS® 15 Line Pediatric Eye Chart
LEA SYMBOLS® 15 Line distance pediatric eye chart for 10 feet, 3 meters

Lea Symbols® ETDRS Distance Chart Set

LEA SYMBOLS® 15-Line Translucent ETDRS-Style Distance Chart
LEA SYMBOLS® ETDRS Translucent Distance Test Set for ESV3000 available in either standard or roll-up chart type

Lea Symbols® Massachusetts Visual Acuity Flipchart

LEA SYMBOLS® Massachusetts Screening Flip Chart
Handheld LEA SYMBOLS® Massachusetts format pediatric vision screening test with critical vision lines only

Sight Line Handheld Vision Screening Flipbook

Critical Line vision screening test using LEA SYMBOLS®. Available as either a kit or screening chart only.

Ultimate VIP Package
Vision In Preschoolers (VIP) pediatric vision screener includes stereoacuity test and fun frame occluders

VIC Flip Chart Preschool Vision Screening Kit
VIC preschool screening kit with LEA Symbols and HOTV optotypes

VIC LEA SYMBOLS® & Sloan Letters Screening Wall Chart
VIC preschool screening wall chart with LEA SYMBOLS® and Sloan Letters for vision screening children

Vision in Preschool (VIP) Complete Package
Vision in Preschool (VIP) complete screening kit

Vision In Preschoolers (VIP) Screener
Vision In Preschoolers (VIP) 5 ft distance screening kit

LEA NUMBERS® Book with Crowding Bars

Handheld vision test with LEA NUMBERS® numbers optotype features 50% spaced contour interaction bars to provide single optotype acuity with the proper crowding effect

LEA Symbols® 15 Line Folding Distance Chart (10 Feet, 3 Meter)

LEA SYMBOLS® Folding Pediatric Eye Chart
LEA SYMBOLS® 15-Line Folding Distance pediatric eye chart for 10 feet, 3 meters

LEA SYMBOLS® Single Cards with Crowding Bars

Set of 30 hand-held cards with LEA SYMBOLS® with 50% crowding bars

Sloan Letter Proportionally-spaced Chart, 10' and 20' Notations

Proportionally Spaced logMAR Sloan Letters Chart

Sloan Letter proportionally space translucent distance chart (10 foot, 3 meter) for ESV1200, ESV1500, Model A, A+ and M with 10' and 20' notations only

Sloan Letter Folding Chart

Sloan Letters Folding Eye Chart
Sloan Letters Folding Chart for 10ft/3m

Sloan Letters Low Contrast Chart
Sloan Letter Low Contrast Chart available in 5 contrast levels for 9x14 illuminated cabinet

VIP 20/20 & 20/16 Threshold Test
20/20 and 20/16 threshold test with LEA SYMBOLS® pediatric symbols for 5 ft/1.5m

VIP 20/32 & 20/25 Threshold Test
20/32 and 20/25 threshold test with LEA Symbols pediatric symbols for 5 ft/1.5m

Z-Axis Accommodative Rock Chart

Z-axis Accommodative Rock tool to help patients develop accommodative facility and control

HOTV Pediatric Eye Chart for Illuminated Cabinet
HOTV pediatric distance eye chart for designed for repetitive or monocular vision testing (left eye/right eye testing.


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