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Optokinetic Drum

Optokinetic Drum accurately tests for nystagmus when rotated and available in 3 different sizes

Patch Cat Fixation Sticks

Set of 2 fixation sticks featuring Patch Cat and friends ensuring the attention of children during exams

Patch Cat Necktie

Silk ties with Patch Cat characters

Patch Cat Silk Scarf

Silk scarf with Patch Cat characters

Pediatric Thorington Card

Use with Maddox Rod to help in diagnosing uncrossed or crossed Diplopia and RhypoP, LhyperP, RhyperP and LhypoP

Penlight Magnifiers, 17D 1" Diameter Acrylic Lens

17D magnifier for mounting on penlights, great for anterior ophthalmic segment viewing

Phoropter Necktie

A gray necktie with a phoropter design

Plastic Eye Occluder
Plastic occluders available in either Black or Gray

RAF (Royal Air Force Rule) Convergence Rule
RAF Convergence Rule provides a binocular gauge to measure Objective and Subjective Convergence as well as Accommodation in 1 mm increments

Red & Green Wraparound Glasses

Very stylish, modern-looking wraparound anaglyphic (red/green) glasses that offer a functional advantage when used in vision testing and therapy

Reti Eye Model
Reti Eye is an extremely useful system in kit form for ophthalmic practitioners to practice Indirect Ophthalmoscopy and Photocoagulation.

Retriever Puppy Distance Fixation Animal

Retriever Puppy - Distance Fixation Animal

Retriever Puppy Distance Fixation Animal

Scarf with Red Retina images on black background

Rendered Retina images on a black silk scarf

Siepser Vitreous Floater Demonstrator
Siepser Vitreous Floater Demonstrator Eye Model demonstrates how "floaters" are caused and how they affect the patients vision, including the Weiss Ring.

Small Moisture Chamber Goggles
Provides a chamber to ease the pain for dry eye sufferers and those with Bell's Palsy providing protection for both eyes

SmartMag 12D/4X Dome 65mm Magnifier with Pouch

4X (12D) 65mm Dome Bright Field Magnifier

SmartMag 2.5X "Brilliant" LED Hand-Held Magnifier

Hand-Held LED Illuminated Magnifier

SmartMag 4X Hand-Held Magnifier

A non illuminated hand held magnifier with a 70mm Aspheric Lens

Snellen Chart on Black Necktie

White Letter Snellen Letter Chart on Black Background

Snellen Chart on Red Background Necktie

White Letter Snellen Letter Chart on Red Background

Snellen Letter Necktie

Black and silver necktie with Snellen Letters


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