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Lea Symbols® Near Vision Card

LEA SYMBOLS® Near Vision Card

LEA SYMBOLS® Near Vision Card with 16" (40cm) Cord


Represent your love for the LEA SYMBOLS® with these stylish earrings, two in each set


Represent your love for the LEA SYMBOLS® with this stylish lapel pin!

LED Insta-Line Quantum Complete

LED Insta-Line Quantum Complete

Complete LED Insta-Line Quantum which includes LEA SYMBOLS®, LEA NUMBERS®, HOTV and Sloan Letters vision screening charts

Leo Learns by Doing
Leo Learns by Doing video is a helpful tool for anyone who interacts with a visually impaired child. 17 minute video

Lichtenstein Fixation Box
Easy Worth 4-Dot test for both adults and children while maintaining fixation

Long Handle Pinhole Occluder
Long handled single hole pinhole occluder

Multiple Pinhole Spectacle Occluder

Lorgnette Spectacle Occluder

Multiple Pinhole Spectacle Occluder

Luggage Tag: "Keep Looking"

Luggage tag that reads: "Keep Looking. I think yours is a different shade of black."

Luggage Tags - "You may need corrective lenses"

Luggage tags with your choice of two catchy eye care oriented phrases

Magnetic Amsler Grid (10pk)

A valuable tool for detecting central visual field distortion which may indicate the onset or progression of macular degeneration

Marsden Ball

Basic vision therapy tool with both numbers and letters available in either white or yellow

Mini Spinning Fixation Globes

Mini-Spinner provides detailed accommodation-stimulation target for young patients

My Perfect Vision

An educational book that describes focusing problems even when eyesight is normal

Naugle Exophthalmometer
Offers superior and inferior orbital rim-based instrument measures the position of the globe accurately even after Lateral Orbitotomy

Near/Distance Vision Screening Kit

Portable, lightweight, and user-friendly vision screening kit designed specifically to screen vision of preschool and school-aged children

Noir Filter Ring

Noir Filter Ring featuring lenses with a variety of purposes

Oculus Anomaloscope

Precision diagnosis of color vision in the red/green and in the blue/green

OEP Retinoscopy Set
Flipper set with included acrylic holder. These four flippers have been the flipper powers of choice used by Dr. Paul Harris in powers of +0.50, +0.75, +1.00, +1.25, +1.50, +1.75, +2.00, and -2.00

Office Refurbish Kit

A kit that provides an easy and affordable way to upgrade your current office lanes, or build an entirely new lane from scratch

Ophthalmic Anatomical Template
Ophthalmic Anatomical Template to aid in patient charting

Opticare Eye Drop Dispenser

Eye drop dispenser that makes administering eye drops easy and accurate

Panel 16 Quantitative Color Vision Test, Double Set

Panel 16 Quantitative Color Vision Test - Double Set
Panel 16 Quantitative Color Vision Test, Double Set

Pediatric Low Contrast Near

Pediatric Near Contrast testing provides an efficient means to detect or track ocular pathologies, including glaucoma, ARMD, diabetic retinopathy, cataract, and keratoconus. Low contrast acuity loss measurement can used to demonstrate progress in disease treatment and help children’s parents understand the need for continued support.


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