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Frosted "See the Eye" Occluder

Frosted occluders that provide occlusion for the patient while allowing observation of the eye.

FusioBox Visual Trainer
FusioBox is a visual training tool used by Behavioural Optometrists for training children whose abnormalities are visual in origin

g-Labs Card Adaptor
Utilize your analog tools in a modern way with the card adaptor for the Stereoscope for iPad

g-Labs Stereoscope for iPad
g-Labs Stereoscope is a brewster-type stereoscope for visional training using the iPad using applications that can be found on Apple iTunes Store.

Good-Lite Eyeglass Repair Kit

A repair kit that lets you apply quick fixes to your eyeglasses

Hand-held EpiGlare Glare Tester
Providing consistent and measurable glare testing with easy to use attachment for most phoropters.


Revolutionary hand-eye coordination trainers which require users to track colors and process information rapidly to catch them correctly

Hendrickson Lifesaver Card

Base-in convergence vision training cards

Hess Laser Complete Kit

Hess Complete Test Kit for understanding full visual field and any Aniseikonic affects

Home Vision Therapy Kit

A take-home kit to let your patients do vision therapy exercises at home

Horizontal Prism Bar
Hand-held horizontal Prism Bar

Horse Frosted Occluder Glasses

Horse fun occluder glasses with frosted lens.

Intermediate Stereoacuity Glasses

Intermediate stereoacuity glasses for binocular vision testing.

Kay Pictures Sunflower Occluder Glasses
Kay Pictures Sunflower flip-up occluder glasses for children

Laminated HRR Test

Laminated HRR Standard Pseudoisochromatic Test, 4th Edition

HRR Pseudoisochromatic Test laminated for extra protection when testing color vision in children

LEA Puzzle

LEA 3-D Puzzle
For training and assessing both children and adults

LEA Core Tests Starter Toolkit For Assessment & Screening
A pediatric vision assessment and screening starting kit of products that Lea Hyvärinen, MD, PhD, has developed over the years and prefers in her programs.

LEA Flicker Wand
detecting losses in the periphery field of vision

LEA Grating Paddles

LEA GRATINGS, a Preferential Looking Test
Preferential looking test situations with infants or children and adults

LEA Low Contrast Grating Acuity Test
Measurement of contrast sensitivity curve

LEA NUMBERS® ETDRS Translucent Chart
LEA NUMBERS® ETDRS translucent distance chart for 10 feet/3 meters testing distance

Lea Numbers® Low Contrast Flipchart, Unscrambled

LEA NUMBERS® Low Contrast Test, 10M
LEA NUMBERS® Low Contrast Flipchart

Lea Symbols® 10 Line Distance Chart

LEA SYMBOLS® 10 Line Distance Chart
LEA SYMBOLS® 10 Line Distance Chart with standard notations

Lea Symbols® Folding Distance Screener Chart

LEA SYMBOLS® 10-Line Folding Pediatric Eye Chart
LEA SYMBOLS® Folding Distance pediatric eye chart for 10' / 3m

Lea Symbols® 15 Line Distance Chart

LEA SYMBOLS® 15 Line Pediatric Eye Chart

LEA SYMBOLS® 15 Line distance pediatric eye chart for 10 feet, 3 meters

Lea Symbols® ETDRS Distance Chart Set

LEA SYMBOLS® 15-Line Translucent ETDRS-Style Distance Chart

LEA SYMBOLS® ETDRS Translucent Distance Test Set for ESV3000 available in either standard or roll-up chart type

Lea Symbols® Massachusetts Visual Acuity Flipchart

LEA SYMBOLS® Massachusetts Screening Flip Chart

Handheld LEA SYMBOLS® Massachusetts format pediatric vision screening test with critical vision lines only


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