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Flipper Trial Lens Holder with Adjustable PD

A flipper with an accommodative PD ruler

Green Maddox with 45º Lines
Handheld Green Maddox with 45º angled lines from center

Hertel Exophthalmometer
Accurately measure for the possibility of exophthalmos

Hyperopia Screening Flipper

Hyperopia screening flippers with glass optics and durable soft handle, from +0.25 to 4.00 diopters

Intraocular Eye Model

Demonstrates how vision is regained after removal of a cataract.

Ishihara Necktie

Shows multiple color vision plates on a green background

Jackson Cross Cylinder
Jackson Cross Cylinder used to determine orientation of astigmatism correctio

JLC Funduscopic Grading Card
Funduscopic Grading Card for help in grading various funduscopic challenges

Large Moisture Chamber Goggles
Provides a chamber to ease the pain for dry eye sufferers and those with Bell's Palsy providing protection for both eyes

Laser Lancaster Test Kit
Laser Lancaster Test is used to both diagnose and manage ocular motility disorders

Lasik Eye Model
Permits the doctor or ophthalmic technician to quickly and completely familiarize the patient with the LASIK procedure.

LIVENGOOD™ Expressor Paddle – Straight and Angled
Flat or Angled paddles are used for a more mild expression of the Meibomian gland


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