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Color Coded Flipper Set in Pouch
Set of 6 color coded -/+ flippers in canvas pouch

Color Fixation Sticks
Color Fixation for testing Ocular motility and confrontation visual fields

Combination Maddox and Pinhole Occluder
Double ended combination maddox and single pinhole occluder

Corneal Eye Model
This normal oversized eye model for showing patients various cornea conditions

Dominant Eye Test Card

Dominant Eye test card quickly and easily determines a patient's dominate eye.

Double Set Moisture Chamber Eye Patch
Foam Edged Clear Moisture Chamber with clear lens permits the wearer to see through the patch, making the item appropriate for Bells Palsy patients and for use as a moisture chamber

Eye Balls on Purple Necktie

Colorful eyes on a purple background

Eye Chart Necktie

Beige and Blue Necktie Eye Charts, 100% Silk

Eye Exam Phrase Necktie

Black polyester Necktie with Eye Exam phrases

Eyeglasses on Green Background Silk Scarf

Eye glasses design on a sharp green background

Eyeglasses on Rusty Red Background Necktie

Eyeglasses design on a 100% red silk tie

Fixation Pencil

Set of 12 fixation pencils with the alphabet printed on both sides

Flesh Leaf Style Clip-On Occluders

Flesh leaf style clip-on occluders available in 4 sizes

Flipper Trial Lens Holder with Adjustable PD

A flipper with an accommodative PD ruler

Green Maddox with 45º Lines

Handheld Green Maddox with 45º angled lines from center, available in either long or short handle

Hertel Exophthalmometer

Accurately measure for the possibility of exophthalmos

Hyperopia Screening Flipper

Hyperopia screening flippers with glass optics and durable soft handle, from +0.25 to 4.00 diopters


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