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AAPOS Supplemental Screening Kit

The American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (AAPOS) is offering a supplemental basic screening kit to assist anyone who screens vision, including school nurses, Lions Club members, Head Start, and medical personnel working in pediatrics and family medicine.

Acrylic Ball Wolff Fixation Wand

Acrylic ended Wolff Wand sed in various procedures such as Retinoscopy, Cover Test, and Ocular Motility

Adjustable Wall Mount for ESV1500 and ESV1200 Illuminated Cabinets
Easily mount the ESV1200 or ESV1500 on the wall and adjusting for the patient's eye level

Adult Stereoacuity Glasses
Adult Stereoacuity Glasses

Adult Thorington Card

Use with Maddox Rod to help in diagnosing uncrossed or crossed Diplopia and RhypoP, LhyperP, RhyperP and LhypoP.

Adult Vectorgraphic Slide
Adult Vectorgraphic Projector Slide

ALGERBRUSH II with Pterygium Tip
Algerbrush with Pterygium Tips in 4 different sizes used to remove pterygium

Amsler Grid Chart Set, Expanded
Bound book containing 7 different expanded amsler grids that includes white dots, parallel line, and parallel line with central line grid

APD Screener
APD Tester version with UV illumination supports detection of corneal lesions, abrasions, or foreign bodies.

Automated Confrontation Visual Field Tester (ACV)
Easily and quickly tests threshold or visual fields

Basic LED Insta-Line Quantum

Basic LED Insta-Line Quantum

Basic LED Insta-Line Quantum with no vision screening charts

Bookshelf Polarized Variable Vectograph

Polarized Bookshelf Vectograph offers a three-dimensional picture used to strengthen binocular system and providing base-in and/or base-out vision training.

Brass Ended Wolff Wands

Wolff Wands provide specialized fixation targets used in various procedures such as Retinoscopy, Cover Test, and Ocular Motility

Brown Frame Prismatic Spectacle

48mm Prismatic Spectacle glasses available in different diopter sizes

Butterfly Frosted Occluder Glasses

Butterfly fun occluder glasses with frosted lens.

Butterfly Hyperopia Plus Lens
Butterfly hyperopia glasses available in +1.5, +2.0, +2.5 and +3.0

Children Stereoacuity Glasses
Children Stereoacuity Glasses

Color Loss Simulating Flipper

A flipper that uses frequency isolation to simulate color vision loss

ColorCheck Complete Vision Screener
Combining all our color books into one easy to use color vision screening book for both adults and children

ColorCheck™ Handheld Color Vision Screening Tablet

Color vision screening is now as easy as using your favorite app

Color-Coded Adjustable PD Confirmation Flippers

Color-Coded Adjustable PD Confirmation Flippers


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