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Fixed PD Trial Frames

Axis adjustable trial frames

Horse Foam Occluder Glasses

Horse Opaque Occluder Glasses

Horse Screeninig/Testing fun occluder glasses

Muscle Imbalance Test

Muscle Imbalance Test
Muscle Imbalance Test

Reversible Occluding Glasses
Sturdy reversible occluding glasses

Canvas Carrying Case

Canvas Carrying Case
Canvas Carrying Case for illuminated cabinets

Drop Cell Trial Frames
Drop Cell Trial frames combine all the feedback and improvements for trial frames we have received over the years.

Family Practice Acuity Projector Slide
Projector slide featuring Tumbling E, Sloan Letters, Astigmatic Clock & Allen Figures

LEA SYMBOLS® & HOTV Combination Response Key
LEA SYMBOLS® & HOTV Combination Response Key

Lea Symbols ® Linear Spaced Translucent Chart Set

LEA SYMBOLS® Linear Spaced Chart
LEA SYMBOLS® Linear Spaced translucent distance chart (10 foot, 3 meter) for ESV1200, ESV1500, Model A, A+ and M

Lea Symbols® Pocket Near Card for 16 inch (40 cm)

LEA SYMBOLS® Pocket Near Card

Easy to use and carry near vision card featuring LEA SYMBOLS®. Used to test vision of either children or illiterate adults.

Parrot Occluder Glasses

Parrot Opaque Occluder Glasses

Parrot Screening/Testing Fun Frames

Parrot Polarized Stereo Glasses
Parrot polarized stereo test glasses

Tiger Polarized Glasses
Tiger polarized stereo test glasses

Drop Cell Half Eye Trial Frame

Lightweight Drop Cell Half Eye Trial Frames with adjustable temples, holds three lenses

Horse Polarized Glasses
Horse polarized stereo test glasses

Maintenance Kit for ALL Insta-Lines

Insta-Line PLUS Maintenance Kit
Maintenance Kit for Insta-Line PLUS


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