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Lea Symbols® Test Set for Insta-Line

LEA SYMBOLS® Insta-Line Chart

LEA SYMBOLS® pediatric symbols chart for Insta-Line illuminated cabinet

Lea Symbols® Massachusetts Translucent Chart Set

LEA SYMBOLS® Massachusetts Chart

LEA SYMBOLS® Massachusetts Visual Acuity translucent distance chart (10 foot, 3 meter) for ESV1200, ESV1500, Model A, A+ and M

Lea Symbols® Massachusetts Visual Acuity Flipchart

LEA SYMBOLS® Massachusetts Flip Chart

LEA SYMBOLS® Massachusetts Visual Acuity Handheld Flipchart

Lea Symbols® Proportional Professional Chart Set

LEA SYMBOLS® Proportional Distance Chart

LEA SYMBOLS® Professional translucent distance chart (20 foot, 6 meter) for ESV1018 only

LEA SYMBOLS® Super Pinhole Chart
LEA SYMBOLS® chart for the super pinhole illuminated cabinet

Lebensohn Near Vision Card

Lebensohn Near Vision Card
Lebensohn Near Vision Card

Low Vision Reversed Sloan Letter Chart
Low vision reversed sloan letter chart for ESV1018

Multiple Pinhole Clip On Occluder
Black metal multiple pinhole occluder

Pocket Neutral Density Bar
Pocket sized neutral density bar for measuring afferent pupillary defects

Opto Kinetic Flag

Red & White Optokinetic Flag
Optokinetic Flag for producing optokinetic nystagmus (OKN) physiologic jerk. Available in either Red & White or Black & White flags.

Red Maddox and Filter Combination
Combination handheld red maddox and red filter

Red Maddox and Occluder Combination
Combination double ended red maddox and opaque occluder

Replacement Travel Tube
Replacement travel tube for Panel 16 Quantitative Color Vision Test

Short handle Pinhole Occluder
Short handled handheld pinhole occluder

Sloan Letter Near Pocket Card

Sloan Letter Near Pocket Card
Sloan Letter Near Pocket Card for 16in/40cm

Tumbling E Insta-Line Chart
Tumbling E Chart for Insta-Line

White Translucent Occluder
long handled translucent occluder

Wolff Wand Stand

Wolff Wand Stand, holds 4 wands upright, Wide base with rubber feet

Adult & Pediatric Projector Slide
Projector slide featuring Sloan Letters, Sloan Numbers, Tumbling E & Allen Figures

Fixed PD Trial Frames

Axis adjustable trial frames


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