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Tangent Screen Test Objects 6mm

Flat disks that are made of the same high quality black felt of the tangent screens

The Dyslexia Screener (TDS) - Quick Screener

Provides quick tests that will indicate need for further testing

The fourteenth of August Standard Reading Test Card

Standard reading card that starts with ‘The fourteenth of August’ for 16"/40cm

Therapy in Dyslexia and Reading 2nd Ed Textbook

Save 50%! Was $40.00, now $20.00! Limited availability.

Provides a comprehensive development of Dyslexia testing and diagnosis

TNO Anaglyph Stereo Test

Special Order - Not Available For Expedited Shipping

Binocular testing suitable for very young children and adults

Tonometer Sterilizer Dryer

Holds up to four tonometer prisms, used to disinfect and dry prisms

Unframed Projection Screens

Non-polarizing unframed aluminum screens for maximum clarity of the image, great for Snellen Charts

Visual Field Fatigue Diffuser
Clear Visual Field Fatigue Diffuser with white elastic straps to fit all sizes

Waggoner Color Vision Testing Made Easy

Identifies genetic (red/green) color vision deficiencies in children

Waggoner™ Computerized Color Vision Test (CCVT) Software Only

All-in-one color vision testing software for testing color vision deficiencies

White Charm Puppy - Distance Fixation Animal

Fixation animal that keeps the attention of pediatric patients

Adjustable Wall Mount for ESV1018
Easily adjust your ESV1018 LED illuminated cabinet to the patient's eye level

Adult Medical Eye Shield
Adult medical shield provides temporary protection for the eyes

ALGERBRUSH II Chuck and Burr
Replacement chuck and burr for ALGERBRUSH II

ALGERBRUSH II Replacement Chuck

Replacement chuck for ALGERBRUSH II

Bernell Fixation Stick
Children's fixation stick includes Red/Green suppression

Canvas Flipper Pouch
Black canvas pouch for confirmation or prism flippers.

Coverlet Adhesive Eye Occluder
Coverlet lightweight occluding adhesive eye patches

Double Ended Pinhole Occluder
Double ended handheld full and pinhole occluder.

Farnsworth D15 Color Test

Farnsworth D-15 Color Test Kit for easy testing of color vision

Frosted Clip On Occluder

Lightweight frosted clip on occluder

Horse Anaglyph Glasses

Horse worth 4-dot anaglyph fun glasses

HOTV Insta-Line Test Set

HOTV Insta-Line Test Set

HOTV Insta-Line vision chart for Insta-Line illuminated cabinet


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