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Krimsky Accommodation Rule

SPECIAL ORDER ONLY. This item is temporarily unavailable.

The examiner can make direct readings of Accommodation Near Point and Convergence Near Point respectively, without having to worry about anterior focal points or PcB

Lapel Clip-on Near Fixation LED's

Clip on fixation lights that provide a focused fixation target

Large Aperture Maddox Phoria Measure

Offers a quick method for the measurement of phoria imbalances

LED Penlight with Pupilometer

A bright white light diagnostic penlight with chrome plated brass casing

Light Meter for Contrast Sensitivity Testing

Used to insure the proper lighting for MARS Contrast Tests

Lightweight Hertel Exophthalmometer

The scale to measures the proptosis ranges from 0 to 35 mm

Lightweight Plastic Distometer

This Vertexometer accurately measures the vertex distance between the apex of the cornea and real surface of the trial lens or the inside surface of the spectacle Rx lens

Maddox Wing


Quick and efficient near test for Heterophoria, Cydophoria, or Cylclodeviation

Moist Heat Compress for Dry Eye and MGD Treatment

Moist Heat Compress that uses patented technology involving MediBeads® which continuously absorb and store water molecules from the air, an effective way to relieve pressure

Moist Heat Compress for Styes - One Eye Only

Moist Heat Compresses for one eye can be used to treat styes, non-allergenic

Monte-Ophthalmoscope Attachment

Monte-Ophthalmoscope Attachment

Mr. Frog Flashing Lights

Mr. Frog attachable fixation light

Replacement Power Cable for Welch Allyn Spot Vision Screener
Replacement power cable for Spot Handheld Vision Screener.

SureSight Printer Paper
Paper for Welch Allyn SureSight printer.

Tonometer Sterilizer Dryer

Holds up to four tonometer prisms, used to disinfect and dry prisms

Large Timer

A large kitchen timer

Self-Threading Needles

A set of 6 self-threading needles

LAP Desk

A lap desk that is useful for reading or writing

ezView 20D BIO Lens
ezView 20D Bio Lens for slit lamp.

ezView 28D BIO Lens
ezView 28D Bio Lens for Slit Lamp

ezView 78D Standard Non-Contact Slit Lamp Lens
ezView 25D non-contact Lens for Slit Lamp

ezView 90D Standard Non-Contact Slit Lamp Lens

ezView 90D non-contact Lens for Slit Lamp

ION ezView 115 Advanced Non-Contact Slit Lamp Lens
ezView 115 non-contact Slit Lamp Lens

ION ezView 125 Advanced Non-Contact Slit Lamp Lens
ezView 125 non-contact Slit Lamp Lens

ION ezView 95 Advanced Non-Contact Slit Lamp Lens
ezView 95 non-contact Slit Lamp Lens

ION OmniView 165 Advanced Contact Slit Lamp Laser Lens
OmniView 165 Contact Slit Lamp Lens

Trial Lens Clips With Spirit Levels

Trial lens with Spirit levels


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