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Prism Set in Wooden Box

Loose Prism set that efficiently treats cases of diplopia, symptomatic heterophorias and abnormal head postures

Prism Set with Stainless Steel Sticks in Wooden Box

Set of 22 Prisms with stainless steel sticks in a wooden box

Psychophysical Measurement of Visual Function

Basic introduction to the tools for the pyschophysical measurement of vision including the basic elements of stimulus presentation and the absolute threshold of vision

Red Filter and Frosted Occluder

Double ended frosted occluder with red filter

Red/Green Subset

16 Red/Green plates with score sheet

Red/Red Color Contrast Glasses

Red lenses mounted in a durable metal frame that fits over prescriptions

Replacement 10' USB Cable for EyeSpy 20/20
Replacement 10' UBS mouse cable for EyeSpy™ Screening System

Replacement ETDRS Florescent Tube
Replacement bulb for florescent ETDRS light box with diffusing sleeve

Replacement Power Cable for Welch Allyn Spot Vision Screener
Replacement power cable for Spot Handheld Vision Screener.

Retinal Detachment Eye Model

Useful for explanations of Retinal Detachment. Clear film helps illustrate Retinal Detachment

Richman Face Dot Test Paddle

Face dot test easily recognized by low functioning patients such as pre-verbal children

Risley Rotary Prism
Hand held rotary prism

Rotating Maddox with Compass

A one handed rotating Maddox that helps determine the exact angle for prism placement

SCCO Near Card

SCCO near vision acuity card featuring Sloan Letters and LEA SYMBOLS®

Shepherd - Distance Fixation Animal

Fixation animal that keeps the attention of pediatric patients

Short Vertical Prism Bar

Pocket sized Short Prism bar that provides 0.5 to 8 diopters

Slip-In Red/Green Filters

Slip-in filters with red on one side, green on the other

Sloan Letters Insta-Line Chart
Sloan Letters chart for LED Insta-Line

Small Slip Cover Patches

Pediatric slip cover patches that provide better coverage than traditional adhesive patches

SmartMag 8X "High Contrast" Warm LED Stand Magnifier

Hand-Held Illuminated Magnifier

Snellen/Sloan Fixation Stick

Snellen/Sloan Fixation Stick black letters and red size listing

Spanish Dyslexia Determination Test Kit

Dyslexia Determination Test Kit in Spanish


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