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Moist Heat Compress for Dry Eye and MGD Treatment

Moist Heat Compress that uses patented technology involving MediBeads® which continuously absorb and store water molecules from the air, an effective way to relieve pressure

Moist Heat Compress for Styes - One Eye Only

Moist Heat Compresses for one eye can be used to treat styes, non-allergenic

Monocular Maddox Phoria Measure
Hand-held monocular maddox phoria measure

Monte-Ophthalmoscope Attachment

Monte-Ophthalmoscope Attachment

Mr. Frog Flashing Lights

Mr. Frog attachable fixation light

Multiple Pinhole Glasses
Multiple pinhole adult glasses

NECO Near Visual Acuity Card

NECO near vision acuity card featuring LEA NUMBERS® and LEA SYMBOLS®

Neutral Density Bar Slide
Easily add 1.8 density to the neutral density filter bar

Noir Medium Plum Large

Plum glasses with a general purpose filter for reducing glare and enhancing visual acuity

Nylon Dust Cover for 12 Flipper Set

Nylon dust cover that fits over the stand of a 12 prism flipper set

Nylon Dust Cover for 6 Flipper Set

Nylon dust cover that fits over the stand of a 6 prism flipper set

Occluding Flipper

Occludes on one side and reverse on the other

Occupational Color Vision

This is an updated manual by Dr Bernard Blais, MD on the field of color vision from the occupational medicine and environmental medicine point of view

Pacific University College of Optometry Near Card

Pacific University College of Optometry near vision acuity card featuring Sloan Letters and LEA SYMBOLS®

Paper Temples

Paper Temples sold in packages of 50

Parrot Anaglyph Glasses
Parrot worth 4-dot anaglyph fun glasses

Patch Cat and Mr. Frog Flashing Lights

Patch Cat and Mr. Frog fixation lights

Also functions as an attachment

Patch Cat and Strabismouse Book

Soft cover Patch Cat and Strabismouse Book

Patch Cat Stickers Roll of 200

Patch Cat Stickers

Pediatric Eye Shield Packs of 3

Pediatric medical eye shield providing temporary protection for the eye

Polarized Glasses in Adult Metal Frame

Stereo Glasses with Polarized Lenses in Metal Frame with spring loaded temples

Post Surgical Clear Eye Covers with Foamed Edges

Clear Eye Covers with foamed edges that protect the eye after post surgery or keep dressings in place during healing

Pre-dyslexia Letter Coding Test

Pre-dyslexia Letter Coding Test kit

Prism Set in Wooden Box

Loose Prism set that efficiently treats cases of diplopia, symptomatic heterophorias and abnormal head postures


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