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Ishihara Color Test

Laminated test plates that leave colors unchanged while adding to the longevity

Ishihara Color Test - Unlettered

Tests for Red/Green using 8 plates, great for testing children

J.J. Creamer Color Vision Screener - Congenital

Used for congenital red/green color deficiency screening to indicate the need for further testing by the HRR plates

KAC Children's Grating Test Card Set

Provides a rapid method of determining the visual acuity of infants and young children

Lancaster Screen, Unmounted, Folding Version

Lancaster folding screen to assist in the diagnose and manage ocular motility disorders

Landolt C Distance Chart
Proportionally-spaced (LogMAR) Landolt C distance acuity chart for ESV1500, ESV1200 or A+ illuminated cabinet.

Lapel Clip-on Near Fixation LED's

Clip on fixation lights that provide a focused fixation target

Large Aperture Maddox Phoria Measure

Offers a quick method for the measurement of phoria imbalances

Large Aperture Retinoscopy Rack

Large Aperture Retinoscopy Rack Set with 6 plastic paddles with +/-3

Large Slip Cover Patch

Adult slip cover patches that provide better coverage than traditional adhesive patches

Lea Numbers 1 Meter Test

Lea Numbers for testing at 1 meter

Lea Symbols 15 Line Folding Chart with 25% and 100% Spacing

A 15 line folding chart with 100% spacing on one side and 25% spacing on the other

Lea Symbols 2.5% Single Symbol Book Set

LEA SYMBOLS® Single Symbol Book Set with 2.5% contrast

LEA Symbols® Proportional Spaced Translucent Chart

LEA SYMBOLS® 13-Line Translucent Distance Chart

LEA SYMBOLS® Proportional Space translucent distance chart (10 foot, 3 meter) for ESV1200, ESV1500, Model A, A+ and M

Lea Symbols/C Chart Set

Double sided pediatric distance visual acuity eye chart featuring LEA Symbols and Landolt C

Lea Symbols/C Low Contrast Chart Set

Double sided low contrast pediatric distance visual acuity eye chart featuring LEA Symbols and Landolt C

Lea Symbols/E Low Contrast Chart Set

Double sided low contrast pediatric distance visual acuity eye chart featuring LEA Symbols and Tumbling E

LEA SYMBOLS® Crowding Bar Book in 2.5% Contrast Set

LEA SYMBOLS® Book with 50% spaced crowding bars and 2.5% contrast


Pediatric distance visual acuity eye chart featuring LEA SYMBOLS® and Tumbling E

LED Penlight with Pupilometer

A bright white light diagnostic penlight with chrome plated brass casing

Light Meter for Contrast Sensitivity Testing

Used to insure the proper lighting for MARS Contrast Tests

Light Red/Green Anaglyph Glasses

Light Red/Green glasses used for non illuminated red/green targets such as red/green reading sheets

Lightweight Hertel Exophthalmometer

The scale to measures the proptosis ranges from 0 to 35 mm

Lightweight Plastic Distometer

This Vertexometer accurately measures the vertex distance between the apex of the cornea and real surface of the trial lens or the inside surface of the spectacle Rx lens

Low Contrast Recording Form

A pack of 25 Low Contrast Recording Forms

Maddox Wing

Special Order - Not Available For Expedited Shipping

Quick and efficient near test for Heterophoria, Cydophoria, or Cylclodeviation

Matsubara Pediatric Color Test

Tests for Red/Green deficiency using 10 plates that children can recognize


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