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Traffic Coordinator Signal Flags
Traffic Coordinator Signal Flags for achieving a more orderly flow in any busy office

Vectograph Viewers
VAC Vectograph Viewer that allows for proper angle and sliding the vectographic panels to the ‘breaking point’ and back to the ‘recovery point’

Vergence Facility Prism
Loose Vergence Prism

White to White Corneal Measure
Simple gage to measure horizontal cornea diameter

10 and 20 FT (3 and 6 M) Snellen Chart

Double sided Snellen chart that tests 20 ft on the front, and 10 ft on the back

12 Slot Flipper Stand

Stand with 12 slots for handheld flippers

AAPOS Near Vision Kit

The American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (AAPOS) is offering a screening kit to assist anyone who screens vision, including school nurses, Lions Club members, Head Start, and medical personnel working in pediatrics and family medicine.

Adolescent Occluding Frame Set

A set of large frame glasses with left and right occluding lenses

Adult Dyslexia Test (ADT)

Tests for dyslexia in adults

Adult Medical Eye Shield Pack of 3

Adult medical shield provides temporary protection for the eyes

Aesthesiometer Complete Instrument

Special Order - Not Available For Expedited Shipping

Retractable Aesthesiometer with a 12/100 mm nylon thread for measuring the tactile sensitivity of the Cornea and eyelid margin

Aesthesiometer Replacement Nylon Filament

Special Order - Not Available For Expedited Shipping

Replacement Nylon Filament for the Aesthesiometer

Amsler Giveaways

Intended to be given to patients to use at home, sold as a package of 250 sheets

Amsler Scoring Chart Pad

White grid with black lines to be used by patient to sketch location of aberrations

Anatomical Drawings Including Ocular

Save 50%! Was $52.00, now $26.00! Limited availability.

Contains a collection of anatomical drawings with English and Spanish annotations

APD Tester

APD Tester version with UV illumination and adjustable LED Lights that support detection of corneal lesions, abrasions, or foreign bodies.

Baby Kitten - Distance Fixation Animal

Fixation animal that keeps the attention of pediatric patients

Bag of Fixation Toys

Bag of 6 pediatric fixation toys to assist in maintaining attention.

Bagolini Red Filter Bar

Special Order - Not Available For Expedited Shipping

Bar consists of optical filters of progressive density and provides a graduated system of dissociation, useful to reinforce weak fusional status.

Berens Three Character Test
Beren Three Character suppression test

Blue/Yellow Subset

subset of the HRR 4th Edition used for testing Tritan only

Bott Wand

Provides a blinking LED light for visual field testing - batteries not included

Bronze Plexiglas Drug Organizer

Bronze colored drug rack that holds 17 medications

Brush for HRR Test

Brush used to avoid fingerprints


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