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VIC LEA SYMBOLS® & Sloan Letter Screening Chart

Quickly and easily screen vision with this combination LEA SYMBOLS® and Sloan Letter chart. 10 feet/3 meter testing distance.

WVU Flipchart (10 Feet, 3 Meter)

VIC Preschool Vision Screening Flip Chart

VIC combination LEA SYMBOLS® and HOTV handheld screening flip chart for 10 feet/3 meters

VIP Complete Kit with Stereo Smile Test II

Vision in Preschoolers complete vision screening kit with PASS Test II stereoacuity test

Warm White LED Hand Held 7X

Hand-Held Illuminated Magnifier

3 Jackson Cross Cylinders with Metal Case

Set of 3 Jackson Cross Cylinders in a durable metal protective case

ALGERBRUSH Tip Removal Kit
Easily remove and replace ALGERBRUSH Tips with this handy tool

Binocular Accommodative Saccadic Series

For improving patient visual performance and reading efficiency, consisting of diagnostic Fixation Disparity Targets and treatment Vectographs with saccadic identification targets

Cataract Eye Model

Model of eye showing various types of cataract conditions

Cataract Lenses

pInterchangeable lenses that show various types of cataract conditions.

Combination Sloan Letters & Astigmatic Wheel Chart
Combination distance visual acuity chart with both Sloan Letters and Astigmatic Wheel for ESV1018

COVD Pediatric Kit

COVD Pediatric Kit for easy screening of young pediatric patients in your practice

Deluxe Adjustable Trial Frame - Silver & Teal

Adult trial frame with adjustable nose piece height, temple length, and PD (48 to 80mm)

Deluxe Brock Strings, 10ft in length with 5 beads

10 ft Brock String used during treatment of convergence insufficiency and other anomalies of binocular vision

Empty Confirmation Flipper
Empty flippers used to mount your 39mm lenses


ETDRS 2000 Series Chart 1

ETDRS eye chart - 2000 Series Distance Chart 1 for standardized ETDRS acuity testing. Testing distance is 10 feet, 3 meters


ETDRS 2000 Series Chart 2

2000 Series ETDRS Chart 2 for 10ft/3m


ETDRS 2000 Series Chart 3

2000 Series ETDRS Chart 3 for 10ft/3m

EyE Check Screener with LEA SYMBOLS®

Vision screening flipbooks at 5-foot (1.5 meters) screening distance using 20/50 for children ages 3 years or 20/40 for children ages 4 and 5 years

Flashing Smiley Face Fixation
Flashing Smiley Faces wiht long lasting lithium batteries light up yellow and blue around the face

HOTV Crowded Near Vision Card

HOTV Crowded Near Vision Card

Crowded HOTV Near Card for 16 inch (40 cm) with mask

Richmond HRR Standard Pseudoisochromatic Test

HRR Standard Pseudoisochromatic Test, 4th Edition

Good-Lite HRR Standard Pseudoisochromatic color vision testing book

HRR/Amsler Combination Color Book

HHR standard pseudoisochromatic color test now also includes Amsler charts.

IOL Lens Set
Lens for the Intra Ocular Lens Eye Model. The model is highly portable and made from high quality plastic with a sturdy base.

ION eZView 124SP Advanced Non-Contact Slit Lamp Lens

ION eZView 124SP Slit Lamp Lens

Landolt C Near Vision Card
Handheld easy-to-use Landolt C pocket near card

Large Fixation Disparity Polarized Target

Two-dimensional card comes with 2 Fixation Disparity Crosses positioned vertical from one another introducing a new Fixation Disparity Cross design

Lea Symbols® and Lea Numbers® Near Vision Card


Combination LEA SYMBOLS® & LEA NUMBERS® Near Card with 16 inch (40 cm) Cord

Lea Symbols ® Proportional Spaced Translucent Chart

LEA SYMBOLS® 13-Line Translucent Distance Chart

LEA SYMBOLS® proportional spaced translucent distance chart (10 foot, 3 meter) for ESV1200, ESV1500, Model A, A+ and M

LEA SYMBOLS® Low Vision Book

LEA SYMBOLS® pediatric low vision eye test booklet available as booklet only or set


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