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Schematic Eye for Retinoscopy Training

Helps students acquire the skill needed for performing retinoscopy

Siepser Vitreous Hemorrhage Demonstrator
The Siepser Vitreous Hemorrhage Demonstrator is an authentic and realistic model that demonstrates the effects of vitreous hemorrhage and head position to patients

Slit Lamp Replacement Bulb
Replacement bulb for the Legend Series slit lamp

Sloan Letter & Landolt C Near Vision Card
Combination Sloan Letter and Landolt C near vision acuity card for 16"/40cm

Sloan Letter Linear-spaced Professional Chart

Sloan Letter Linear-spaced Distance Chart

Sloan Letter linear-spaced translucent distance chart (20 foot, 6 meter) for ESV1018

Sloan Letter Low Vision Chart

Sloan Letter low vision chart for ESV1018 Professional illuminated cabinet. 20 feet/6 meters testing distance

Smart Slide 5X/20D Pocket LED Magnifier

Pocket LED Magnifier 5X/20D

SmartMag 4X "High Contrast" Warm LED Stand Magnifier

Hand-Held Illuminated Magnifier

SmartMag 6X Hand-Held Magnifier

A non illuminated hand held magnifier with a 50mm Aspheric Lens

SMDedge 5X SMD LED Hand-Held Magnifier

Hand-Held Illuminated Magnifier

Spanish Wormington Near Reading Card
Wormington near vision reading card in Spanish

Spud Foreign Body Style
Spud Ellis Style tool for removing foreign bodies with minimal trauma. Designed for quicker healing and decrease in infection.

TBI Flipper Kit

Special Order - Not Available For Expedited Shipping

Useful for TBI/polytrauma patients

The Eye Poster
THE EYE POSTER is a poster-size chart that are highly instructive and useful for both patients and office staff - helping to demonstrate normal and abnormal conditions and anatomy of the eye.

Tiger Hyperopia Plus Lens
Tiger hyperopia plus lenses available in either +1.5, +2.0, +2.5 or +3.0 lens

Trial Frame Occluders

Various occluders available for trial lens holders and frames

Trial Lens Holder with Handle
Handheld 4 or 10-Well trial lens holder

Vectograph Adapter
Adapter that allows vectographs from Vision Assessment Corp. to be used in the taller Vectogram Viewer


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