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Confirmation Flippers
Confirmation Flippers available -/+ 0.25 to 4.00 diopters in 0.25 increments

CSV1000CA Contrast Acuity (CA) Chart
Sloan Letters chart for the CSV1000 in both high contrast and 10% contrast

CSV1000E Contrast Chart
Contrast sensitivity chart containing 4 rows of sine-wave gratings for the CSV-1000 illuminated cabinet

Detailed Fixation Stick
Four detailed targets to stimulate accommodation and to assess fixation and saccades.

Diabetes Eye-Plus™ Model
Innovative Diabetes Eye-Plus™ Model that demonstrates the effect of unsuccessfully treated diabetes on four body systems.

Disposable Penlight

Disposable Penlight that comes in a package of 6

Dry Eye Model

Dry Eye Model demonstrate fluorescein staining on the cornea, lissamine green staining on the sclera, meibomian gland dysfunction, lacrimal gland dysfunction, and the lacrimal punctum

ESC2000 ETDRS Kit with 2000 Series 13ft/4m ETDRS Charts

ESC2000 ETDRS LED Viewer Kit with 3 2000 Series ETDRS 13ft/4m Charts and floor stand.

ESC2000 ETDRS Kit with Original Series 13ft/4m ETDRS Charts
ETDRS LED Illuminated Viewer Kit includes 3 original series charts for 13ft/4m and floor stand


ETDRS 2000 Series Chart 1 Eye Chart
ETDRS eye chart - 2000 Series Distance Chart 1 for standardized ETDRS acuity testing. Testing distance is 13 feet, 4 meters


ETDRS 2000 Series Chart 2
2000 Series ETDRS Chart 2 for 13ft/4m


ETDRS 2000 Series Chart 3
2000 Series ETDRS Chart 3 for 13ft/4m

Eye Balls on Blue Silk Bow Tie

Beautiful silk bow tie with multi-colored eyes

EyeSpy 20/20 Stereoacuity Card
Package of 4 stereo tests for EyeSpy 20/20 Vision Screener

ezView 60D Standard Non-Contact Slit Lamp Lens
ION ezView 40D Lens for Slit Lamp

Fish and Dog Stick '1'

A fixation stick with 2 sides featuring sloan letter optotypes, continuous reading text, and pictures of animals

Fish and Dog Stick '2'

A fixation stick with 2 sides featuring sloan letter optotypes, continuous reading text, and pictures of animals

Flashing Orbiting Fixation Globe
Add excitement to your pediatric exams with the Flashing Fixation Globe

Flesh Round Style Clip-on Occluders

Flesh colored round style clip-on occluders available in 3 sizes

Flexible LED Light with Red Laser Pointer
Multifunctional flexible LED fixation light with red laser pointer

Fun Fixation Pens
Set of 6 fun near fixation pens for children

HEIDI Disposable Occluder
HEIDI disposable paper occluder printed on sturdy card stock. 50 occluders per package.

Horse Hyperopia Plus Lenses
Horse hyperopia plus lenses available in either +1.5, +2.0, +2.5 or +3.0


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