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Surgical Caps
Surgical head caps available in 5 different styles

Tangent Screen Wand
For use with tangent screens as part of the confirmation response when checking visual field.

Teddy Bear Polarized Variable Vectograph Vision Therapy System
Teddy Bear Polarized Variable Vectograph Vision Therapy System with therapy binder

The Frog Polarized Variable Vectograph Vision Therapy System
Frog Polarized Variable Vectograph Vision Therapy System with therapy binder

The Swan Lamp
The Swan Table Lamp provides an elegant touch to your desk with great functionality and quality allowing easy positioning of the powerful 18W energy saving light

Titanium Universal Trial Frame
Lightweight and easy to use trial frame with adjustable PD from 54mm to 70mm

Trial Lens Set Replacement Case

An empty leather replacement case for the Trail Lens Set with Chrome Rims.

Trial Lens Set Replacement Tray

An empty wooden replacement tray for the Trail Lens Set with Chrome Rims.

True Daylight Illuminator

Daylight Illuminator with dual purpose platform is designed to provide optimal light when administering color tests

Vertical LEA SYMBOLS® Earrings

Represent your love for the LEA SYMBOLS® with these stylish earrings, two in each set

Vertical Prism Bar
Vertical Prism Bar

VFD Variable Fixation Disparity Polarized Variable Vectogram
Vectographic two-dimensional Fixation Disparity Target for assessing Far Point of Fixation Disparity and Associated Vergence Measures at Distance.

Vietnamese Continuous Text Near Reading Card
Vietnamese Near Vision Card has with simple continuous reading examples

VIP 20/20 & 20/16 Threshold Test
20/20 and 20/16 threshold test with LEA SYMBOLS® pediatric symbols for 5 ft/1.5m

VIP 20/32 & 20/25 Threshold Test
20/32 and 20/25 threshold test with LEA Symbols pediatric symbols for 5 ft/1.5m

Vision Rehabilitation Training Paddles
Set of 6 paddles used in training a patient to use a telescope or to evaluate or train a patient in the use of eccentric viewing

Visual Edge Slant Board
lightweight, durable, transportable, multifunctional angled board

Vortex Polarized Variable Vectograph
Vortex Polarized Variable Vectograph Vision Therapy System for Vision Training

VTD Eye Model

Vision Threatening Disease (VTD) Eye Model demonstrates the three most common eye diseases like Glaucoma, AMD and Diabetic Retinopathy

Warm White LED Stand Mag 5X

Hand-Held Illuminated Magnifier

Welch Allyn Spot Vision Screener Carrying Case
Protective case to store and transport the Spot Vision Screener

Wolff Wand Kit with Stand

Wolff Wands Kit with Stand includes all 4 specialized fixation wands for use in various procedures such as Retinoscopy, Cover Test, and Ocular Motility

Wrap Around Polarized Glasses

Stylish, modern-looking, adult-sized wraparound glasses that offer a functional advantage when used during vision screening, testing, and therapy

Z-Axis Accommodative Rock Chart

Z-axis Accommodative Rock tool to help patients develop accommodative facility and control

"2000" Series ETDRS Translucent Distance Charts for 6.5 feet/2 meters
2000 Series ETDRS vision testing charts for 6.5 feet/2meter distance

+2.50 Hyperopia Glasses
Hyperopia Glasses (Hard Lens) +2.50 Lens


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