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Plano Trial Lens

A plain trial lens with no power diopter

Maddox Trial Rings with Saw Kerf at Top

Maddox trial rings with saw kerf indexes on top

Trial Lens Occluder with 1 mm by 23 mm Slit

Individual Trial Lens with a slit

Trial Lens Occluder with 1 mm by 5 mm Cross Pattern

Occluding trial lens with a cross pattern

Trial Lens Occluder with 1.5 mm Pinhole

Opaque trial frame with pinhole

Red Green Trial Lenses

Trial ring with a red or green lens

Maddox Lenses for Trial Frames - 90° angle
Maddox and Filter lenses mounted in trial rings

Minus Spherical Individual Trial Lens

Individual minus spherical replacement trial lens


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