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Sloan Letter Folding Chart

Sloan Letters Folding Eye Chart
Sloan Letters Folding Chart for 10ft/3m

Sloan Letters Low Contrast Chart
Sloan Letter Low Contrast Chart available in 5 contrast levels for 9x14 illuminated cabinet

Small Moisture Chamber Goggles
Provides a chamber to ease the pain for dry eye sufferers and those with Bell's Palsy providing protection for both eyes

Small Red/Green Anti-Suppression Goggles
Red/Green Anti-Suppression Goggles are intended to be used with various games and exercises for anti-supression training.

Small Saccadic Polarized Variable Vectograph
Variable Vectrograph provides a therapeutic approach for reducing patients’ symptoms related to their binocular dysfunction while improving their visual performance and reading efficiency

SmartMag 12D/4X Dome 65mm Magnifier with Pouch

4X (12D) 65mm Dome Bright Field Magnifier

SmartMag 2.5X "Brilliant" LED Hand-Held Magnifier

Hand-Held LED Illuminated Magnifier

SmartMag 4X Hand-Held Magnifier

A non illuminated hand held magnifier with a 70mm Aspheric Lens

Snellen Chart on Black Necktie

White Letter Snellen Letter Chart on Black Background

Snellen Chart on Red Background Necktie

White Letter Snellen Letter Chart on Red Background

Snellen Letter Necktie

Black and silver necktie with Snellen Letters

Snellen Letters on Gold Necktie

Snellen letters, eyes, and eyeglasses set on a beautiful gold background

Soft Eye Patch with Elastic Strap

Comfortable eye patches for adults

Spanish Low Vision Continuous Reading Card

Spanish low vision reading card with continuous text

Spanish Near Point Card
Near point card in spanish for 16"/40 cm.

Spanish Near Vision Reading Chart
A pair of 2 Spanish near vision charts for either the ESV1200 or EVS1500 Illuminated Cabinet

Special Stand for 6 Adjustable PD Confirmation Flippers

Special Stand for 6 Adjustable PD Confirmation Flippers

Spike Fixation Pens

A set of 3 mophead fixation pens

SureSight Carrying Case
SureSight carrying case

SureSight Printer
Printer for SureSight vision screener.

Surgical Caps
Surgical head caps available in 5 different styles


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