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Assorted Finger Puppets

Assorted Finger Puppets for pediatric near point fixation

Trial Lens Holder Nose Bridge

Plastic nose bridge for the trial lens holders

Trial Lens Set with Chrome Rims
Comprehensive set of trial lenses with traditional chrome rims. Standard 38mm lens size.

Trial Lens Set with Reversed Red/Black Rims
Comprehensive set of trial lenses designed for Optometrist. Standard 38mm lens size.

Bagolini Striated Lenses

Consists of 2 circular lenses, indexed and mounted in 38mm trial lens metal rings with tabs for use by the examiner

Perimetry Trial Lens Set
Perimeter Trial Lens Set provides the key values of spheres and cylinders needed for use with your perimeter instruments

Minus Cylinder Individual Trial Lens
Individual minus cylinder replacement trial lens


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