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BigEye 1418

Low vision magnifier lamp

Black & White Optokinetic Flag
Black & White Optokinetic Flag available in 3 different frequency

Envelope Guide

A plastic envelope writing guide

Eye Ball on Grey and Blue Background Silk Scarf

Very stylish and colorful eyeball silk scarf

Meibomian Gland Lid Plate PLUS

An instrument that can be positioned behind the anesthetized eyelid with a 30mm ruler

Signature Guide

A plastic signature writing guide

Slit Lamp Table
Table for Slip Lamp with power outlet receptacle

Special Stand for 6 Adjustable PD Confirmation Flippers

Special Stand for 6 Adjustable PD Confirmation Flippers

SureSight Carrying Case
SureSight carrying case

SureSight Printer
Printer for SureSight vision screener.

Welch Allyn Spot Vision Screener Carrying Case
Protective case to store and transport the Spot Vision Screener

2.5X Monocular Telescope with Cord (Achromatic)

2.5X Monocular Hand-Held Telescope

4x12 Close-Focus Monocular Telescope with Cord

4X12 Monocular Hand-Held Telescope

BigEye 4k LED Bulb

bright white (4000k) LED Bulb for the BigEye 1418

ezView 60D Standard Non-Contact Slit Lamp Lens
ION ezView 40D Lens for Slit Lamp

ION 4 Mirror No Flange with Handle Gonioscopy Slit Lamp Lens
4 Mirror No Flange with Handle from ION Vision is perfect for fast and effective anterior segment examinations

ION OmniView 135 Advanced Contact Slit Lamp Laser Lens
ION OmniView 135 designed to deliver the ideal 1.5x laser spot size for many retinal procedures

ION OmniView 137 Advanced Contact Slit Lamp Laser Lens
ION OmniView 137 provides an incredibly clear view of the retina while ideally suited for patients that are difficult to dilate

ION OmniView 145 Advanced Contact Slit Lamp Laser Lens
ION OmniView 145 offers a wide 145º field imaging to the retina.

ION OmniView 85 Advanced Contact Slit Lamp Laser Lens
Ultra-high magnification OmniView 85 for focal laser treatment of central retinal conditions

Slit Lamp Replacement Bulb
Replacement bulb for the Legend Series slit lamp

ION eZView 124SP Advanced Non-Contact Slit Lamp Lens
ION eZView 124SP Slit Lamp Lens

Aesthesiometer Complete Instrument


Retractable Aesthesiometer with a 12/100 mm nylon thread for measuring the tactile sensitivity of the Cornea and eyelid margin

Aesthesiometer Replacement Nylon Filament


Replacement Nylon Filament for the Aesthesiometer

Bagolini Red Filter Bar


Bar consists of optical filters of progressive density and provides a graduated system of dissociation, useful to reinforce weak fusional status.

Bluebird Hand Puppet

Singing Bluebird Hand Puppet

Bronze Plexiglas Drug Organizer

Bronze colored drug rack that holds 17 medications

Chin Rest Cup

Chin rest cup with 1/2 inch diameter shaft

Double Screw Clamp Chin Rest

Double Screw Clamp is adjustable 11.5" to 15 ( 29 to 38 cm) and the clamp opening accommodates table thickness up to 2.5”.

Floor Model Chin Rest

Adjustable floor model chin rest with 12in base


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