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Small Eye Model
Small Eye Model to assists the healthcare professional in educating patients in the anatomy of the human eye

17 Pinhole Occluders

Occluders with 17 pinholes available in various sizes

2-Paddle Retinoscopy Rack
2-Paddle Retinoscopy Rack with plus and minus lenses

Acrylic Ball Wolff Fixation Wand

Acrylic ended Wolff Wand sed in various procedures such as Retinoscopy, Cover Test, and Ocular Motility

Adult Thorington Card

Use with Maddox Rod to help in diagnosing uncrossed or crossed Diplopia and RhypoP, LhyperP, RhyperP and LhypoP.

Adult Vectorgraphic Slide
Adult Vectorgraphic Projector Slide

ALGERBRUSH II with Pterygium Tip
Algerbrush with Pterygium Tips in 4 different sizes used to remove pterygium

Amsler Grid Chart Set, Expanded
Bound book containing 7 different expanded amsler grids that includes white dots, parallel line, and parallel line with central line grid

APD Screener
APD Tester version with UV illumination supports detection of corneal lesions, abrasions, or foreign bodies.

Brass Ended Wolff Wands

Wolff Wands provide specialized fixation targets used in various procedures such as Retinoscopy, Cover Test, and Ocular Motility

Butterfly Frosted Occluder Glasses

Butterfly fun occluder glasses with frosted lens.

Butterfly Hyperopia Plus Lens
Butterfly hyperopia glasses available in +1.5, +2.0, +2.5 and +3.0

Color Loss Simulating Flipper

A flipper that uses frequency isolation to simulate color vision loss

Color-Coded Adjustable PD Confirmation Flippers

Color-Coded Adjustable PD Confirmation Flippers

Custom Confirmation Flipper
Create your own custom flipper to fit the needs of your practice

Dice-On-A-Stick Fixation Targets

Dice on a stick fixation targets in 9 different versions


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