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Fixed PD Trial Frames

Axis adjustable trial frames

Horse Foam Occluder Glasses

Horse Opaque Occluder Glasses

Horse Screeninig/Testing fun occluder glasses

Reversible Occluding Glasses
Sturdy reversible occluding glasses

Drop Cell Trial Frames

Drop Cell Trial frames combine all the feedback and improvements for trial frames we have received over the years

Family Practice Acuity Projector Slide
Projector slide featuring Tumbling E, Sloan Letters, Astigmatic Clock & Allen Figures

Parrot Occluder Glasses

Parrot Opaque Occluder Glasses

Parrot Screening/Testing Fun Frames

Drop Cell Half Eye Trial Frame

Lightweight Drop Cell Half Eye Trial Frames with adjustable temples, holds three lenses

Tiger Occluder Glasses

Tiger Opaque Occluder Glasses

Tiger Screening/Testing Fun occluder glasses

Flexible Baby Trial Frames

Flexible trial frames with strap for young children

Blue Hippo Fixation Stick Set
Blue Hippo pediatric fixation stick set

Clip On Occluder
Black clip on occluder

Clip On Trial Lens Holder
Clip on trial frame holder that quickly attaches to Rx glasses

Trial Lens Clips With Spirit Levels

Trial lens with Spirit levels

8 Well Trial Lens Holder
Hand held 8 well trial lens trial ring holder

Medium Fixation Paddle

Medium Heidi Fixation Targets

To determine the distance at which the children respond to a high-contrast face figure

Raff Level Trial Flipper
Trial lens flipper with built-in level to eliminate off-axis lens rotation


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