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Flexi-vision Floor Lamp
Flexo-vision lamp in a beautiful silver/chrome finish that combines the best in design and flexibility. Ideally suited for reading or working at home or in the office allowing you to write or read for longer periods of time in optimal comfort

Flipper Trial Lens Holder with Adjustable PD

A flipper with an accommodative PD ruler

Gem PL Polarized Variable Vectograph
Gem PL Polarized Variable Vectograph for vision therapy

Gem Polarized Variable Vectograph
Polarized, variable gem, vectogram

Graded Near Vision Reading Book
Near vision continuous text reading book set for school grade preschool thru 6th

Green Anti-Suppression Patch
Patches are intended to be used with various games and exercises in anti-suppression training

Green Maddox with 45º Lines
Handheld Green Maddox with 45º angled lines from center

Handheld Bagolini Striated Lens Set with Penlight

Finely striated, clear lenses used for evaluating retinal correspondence in patients with eye deviations, consists of 2 circular lenses mounted in a flipper.

Hertel Exophthalmometer
Accurately measure for the possibility of exophthalmos

Hess Red and Green Lasers
Hess Red and Green lasers for help in understanding full visual field and any Aniseikonic affects.

Hyperopia Screening Flipper

Hyperopia screening flippers with glass optics and durable soft handle, from +0.25 to 4.00 diopters

ICO Near Vision Card
Combination LEA Symbols and Sloan Letter near vision card for 16"/40 cm. This card was developed specially by the the Illinois College Optometry.

Intraocular Eye Model

Demonstrates how vision is regained after removal of a cataract.

Ishihara Necktie

Shows multiple color vision plates on a green background

Jackson Cross Cylinder
Jackson Cross Cylinder used to determine orientation of astigmatism correctio


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