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Pediatric Eye Shield Packs of 3

Pediatric medical eye shield providing temporary protection for the eye

Post Surgical Clear Eye Covers with Foamed Edges

Clear Eye Covers with foamed edges that protect the eye after post surgery or keep dressings in place during healing

Red Filter and Frosted Occluder

Double ended frosted occluder with red filter

Rotating Maddox with Compass

A one handed rotating Maddox that helps determine the exact angle for prism placement

Small Slip Cover Patches

Pediatric slip cover patches that provide better coverage than traditional adhesive patches

SmartMag 8X "High Contrast" Warm LED Stand Magnifier

Hand-Held Illuminated Magnifier

Snellen/Sloan Fixation Stick

Snellen/Sloan Fixation Stick black letters and red size listing

Table Model Chin Rest

Adjustable table chin rest with 6" base

Visual Field Fatigue Diffuser
Clear Visual Field Fatigue Diffuser with white elastic straps to fit all sizes

Adult Medical Eye Shield
Adult medical shield provides temporary protection for the eyes

ALGERBRUSH II Chuck and Burr
Replacement chuck and burr for ALGERBRUSH II

ALGERBRUSH II Replacement Chuck
Replacement chuck for ALGERBRUSH II

Bernell Fixation Stick
Children's fixation stick includes Red/Green suppression

Coverlet Adhesive Eye Occluder
Coverlet lightweight occluding adhesive eye patches

Double Ended Pinhole Occluder
Double ended handheld full and pinhole occluder.

Frosted Clip On Occluder
Lightweight frosted clip on occluder

Horse Anaglyph Glasses
Horse worth 4-dot anaglyph fun glasses

Miniature Pinhole Occluder
Miniature occluder with 17 pinholes

Oculus Ultimate Trial Frame

ORIGINAL Oculus Ultimate fully adjustable trial frame with included vertex distance scale


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