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ION i3D HiMag Advanced Non-Contact Slit Lamp Lens

High magnification viewing lens for the Slit Lamp microscope

ION i3D Ultra WideField Advanced Non-Contact Slit Lamp Lens

The i3D Ultra WideField extends the field of view beyond 90D type lenses.

ION i3D UltraWide Non-Myd Advanced Non-Contact Slit Lamp Lens

The lens that answers the call for non-mydriatic pupils or for patient pupils difficult to dilate

ION i3D WideField Advanced Non-Contact Slit Lamp Lens

The i3D Widefield offers far reaching field of view while maintaining typical image magnification

ION Lens Replacement Case

Great for storing and keeping your 20D ION lens clean

Ion Multi-Lens Case

Great for storing and keeping your ION lenses clean

KAC Children's Grating Test Card Set

Provides a rapid method of determining the visual acuity of infants and young children

Krimsky Accommodation Rule

SPECIAL ORDER ONLY. This item is temporarily unavailable.

The examiner can make direct readings of Accommodation Near Point and Convergence Near Point respectively, without having to worry about anterior focal points or PcB

Large Aperture Retinoscopy Rack

Large Aperture Retinoscopy Rack Set with 6 plastic paddles with +/-3

Large Slip Cover Patch

Adult slip cover patches that provide better coverage than traditional adhesive patches

LED Penlight with Pupilometer

A bright white light diagnostic penlight with chrome plated brass casing

Light Meter for Contrast Sensitivity Testing

Used to insure the proper lighting for MARS Contrast Tests

Linear Spaced LEA SYMBOLS®, LEA NUMBERS® & Letters
Projector slide featuring LEA SYMBOLS®, LEA NUMBERS® & Sloan Letters

Low Contrast Recording Form

A pack of 25 Low Contrast Recording Forms

Monte-Ophthalmoscope Attachment

Monte-Ophthalmoscope Attachment

Multiple Pinhole Glasses
Multiple pinhole adult glasses


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