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Neutral Density Filter Bar

Neutral Density Filter Bar

Noir Dark Plum Large

Plum glasses that provide contrast enhancement and glare relief for the light sensitive

Noir Dark Plum Small

Plum glasses that provide contrast enhancement and glare relief for the light sensitive

Noir Light Plum Large

Light Plum indoor glasses that provide good contrast and realistic color rendition

Plus 2.25 Hyperopia Glasses

Plus 2.25 Hyperopia Glasses
Hyperopia Glasses (Hard Lens) Plus 2.25

Reversing Red/Green Flippers

Red/Green on top and Green/Red on the bottom

SmartMag 6X "Brilliant" Warm LED Hand-Held Magnifier

Hand-Held Illuminated Magnifier

Traffic Coordinator Signal Flags
Traffic Coordinator Signal Flags for achieving a more orderly flow in any busy office

White to White Corneal Measure
Simple gage to measure horizontal cornea diameter

Adolescent Occluding Frame Set

A set of large frame glasses with left and right occluding lenses

Adult Medical Eye Shield Pack of 3

Adult medical shield provides temporary protection for the eyes

Amsler Giveaways

Intended to be given to patients to use at home, sold as a package of 250 sheets

Amsler Scoring Chart Pad

White grid with black lines to be used by patient to sketch location of aberrations

APD Tester

APD Tester version with UV illumination and adjustable LED Lights that support detection of corneal lesions, abrasions, or foreign bodies.

Bag of Fixation Toys

Bag of 6 pediatric fixation toys to assist in maintaining attention.

Berens Three Character Test
Beren Three Character suppression test

Budgie Stick

Popular 2 colored fixation stick

Chin Rest Paper

Chin rest papers that fit most slip lamp chin rests

Combination Occluder

Combines Maddox rod, occluder, red lens, fixation targets, and multiple pinholes

Dark Red/Green Glasses with Real Glass Lenses

Red/Green glasses with real glass lenses

Double Ended Red Maddox
Double ended Maddox with both 45ยบ and vertical lines

Drug Organizers

A Full Size Drug Organizer that provides storage cups for up to 17 eye drop bottles from 5 ml to 15 ml

Eye Check 20/32 Recording Form

Recording form for Eye Check 20/32

Eye Check 20/50 Recording Form

Recording form for Eye Check 20/50

EyeView Floater Visualizing Scope

This device is used to help the patient see vitreous floaters and other conditions in their own eye

Foam Patch Designs

Fun designs to put on pediatric eye patches


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