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Alternating Flippers (Rock Flippers)
Alternating Flippers are used to increase the speed and reduce the latency of the speed of response for patients that have difficulty shifting focus

Amsler Viewer
Handheld amsler grid that ensures monocular viewing

Aperture Rule™ Trainer Kit
Aperture Ruleā„¢ Trainer Kit is a standard instrument in most VT programs

Aquarium Polarized Variable Vectograph
Aquarium Vectograph providing base-in and base-out training

Astigmatism Eye Model
Eye model showing astigmatism, myopia, and hyperopia for patient education

Awaya Aniseikonia Test
Awaya Test proving a manual method to test for aniseikonia in patients.

Awaya Stereo Test

Stereo test developed by Dr. Awaya

Balloon Polarized Variable Vectograph

The Balloon Polarized Variable Vectograph offers a three-dimentional picture used to strengthen binocular system and providing base-in and/or base-out vision training

BigEye 1418

Low vision magnifier lamp

Bishop Alignment Prism Set
Bishop Dual Prism Alignment System provides advantages in measuring large angle strabismus prior to correction

Black & White Optokinetic Flag
Black & White Optokinetic Flag available in 3 different frequency

Black and Silver Snellen Letter Necktie

A stylish Black & Silver Necktie with Snellen Letters, made of Polyester

Black Leaf Style Clip-On Occluders

Black leaf style clip-on occluders available in 3 sizes

Blind Spot Amsler Grid
Blind Spot Amsler Grid chart for patients home use. Comes in package of 50 charts.

Bouffant Style Surgical Cap

Bouffant style surgical caps available in 3 different styles

Butterfly Flashing Fixation Stick
Flashing circle fixation providing detailed accommodation-stimulation targets

Cardiff Pediatric Low Contrast Charts
Cardiff pediatric low contrast charts designed to measure contrast sensitivity in typically developing toddlers and young children, as well as in older children and adults with intellectual impairment.

Chain Polarized Variable Vectograph Vision Therapy System
Chain Polarized Variable Vectograph Vision Therapy System with therapy binder

Circle Flashing Fixation Sticks
Flashing circle fixation providing detailed accommodation-stimulation targets


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