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Vertical Fusion Target Set

Vertical Fusion Target Set is used in the treatment of vertical tropias or strabismus

VIC Flip Chart Preschool Vision Screening Kit
VIC preschool screening kit with LEA Symbols and HOTV optotypes

VIC LEA SYMBOLS® & Sloan Letters Screening Wall Chart
VIC preschool screening wall chart with LEA SYMBOLS® and Sloan Letters for vision screening children

Vision in Preschool (VIP) Complete Package
Vision in Preschool (VIP) complete screening kit

Vision In Preschoolers (VIP) Screener
Vision In Preschoolers (VIP) 5 ft distance screening kit

VisualEyes Vision Simulator Glasses
Gain insight to a wide range of visual impairments with these easy to use visual impairment simulation glasses

VSS Vision Screening Software
Vision Screening Software with evidence-based LEA SYMBOLS®, LEA NUMBERS®, HOTV, and Sloan Letters in 4 screening formats for children and adults of all ages, beginning as young as age 3.

Wesson Fixation Disparity Card

Measurements include horizontal and vertical fixation disparity, associated phoria, and forced vergence fixation disparity curves used for fixation typing and the effects of visual therapy

WHAT and HOW Does This Child See? Instructional CD
WHAT and HOW Does This Child See instructional CD contains book text, videos and additional resources

"I've Got My Eye On You" Snellen Neck Tie

Black Snellen Letters on a Yellow Background with a Large Eye in the middle

3 in 1 Near Visual Acuity Test
3 in 1 Near Visual Acuity Test with 3 different optotypes printed on one side and chart answers printed on the reverse.

3M Press-On Prism

Press on Prism that help treat strabismus, diplopia, phorias, and hemianopia


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