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Red Filter Lens

Handheld Red Filter Lens

Red Maddox with 45┬║ Lines
Handheld Red Maddox with 45┬║ angled lines from center

Reversible Red/Green Anaglyph Goggles

Lightweight Reversible Red/Green Anaglyph Goggles for orthoptic training and vision therapy

Round Pupilometer
Set of 5 round pupilometers

Runge Low Vision Near Card
Runge Sloan Letter Low Vision Card for 16 in/40 cm

Set of 4 Mini Occluders
Set of 4 mini occluders that includes red maddox and red filter. Fits into trial lens frame.

Sight Line Handheld Vision Screening Flipbook

Critical Line vision screening test using LEA SYMBOLS®, available as either a kit or screening chart only

Sloan Letter Low Contrast Flip Chart
Sloan Letter Low Contrast Flip Chart

Sloan Letter Near Vision Card

Sloan Letter Near Vision Card
Sloan Letter Near Vision Card with 16" (40cm) Cord

Sloan Letter Proportional-spaced Near Vision Chart

Sloan Letter Proportional Spaced Near Vision Chart
Sloan Letter Near Vision Chart for illuminated cabinets

Sloan Letters Response Panel

Sloan Letters response panel

Smart Slide 3X/8D Pocket LED Magnifier

Pocket LED Magnifier 3X/8D

SmartMag 3X "Brilliant" Warm LED Hand-Held Magnifier

Hand-Held LED Illuminated Magnifier

SmartMag 3X Non-Illuminated Hand-Held Magnifier

Non illuminated hand held magnifier with a 100 X 75mm Aspheric Lens

Spanish Near Vision Reading Card
Sloan letter near vision card with Spanish continuous text on the reverse side.

Sports Polarized Variable Vectograph

Sports Polarized Variable Vectograph offers a three-dimensional picture used to strengthen binocular system and providing base-in and/or base-out vision training, Different objects in the vectograph are at varying Depth Levels (Degrees of Arc) and Image Orientation

Stereo Butterfly with Lea Symbols

Stereopsis Butterfly Test

Stereopsis Butterfly Test

Stereo Fly with Lea Symbols

Stereopsis Fly Test

Stereo Fly test for checking depth perception

Super Pinhole Replacement Power Supply
Replacement universal power supply for Super Pinhole Macula cabinet

Tangent Screen - 1 Meter

Providing a very accurate of charting the central and Para-central field of vision

Tiger Frosted Occluder Glasses

Tiger fun occluder glasses with frosted lens.

Torsion Tension Test Kit

A test used to measure latent, manifest, horizontal, vertical or torsional strabismus for distance and near fixation using a double Maddox Rod method

Translid Binocular Interactor (TBI)
Translid Binocular Interactor (TBI) is especially suitable for those suffering from amblyopia, alternating vision and suppressions of the visual process.

Tumbling E ETDRS Chart for ESV3000 and ESC2000
Illiterate Tumbling E ETDRS vision chart for ESV3000 and ESC2000 illuminated cabinet for 10ft/3m testing distance

TV Spec Television Spectacle

Telescopic spectacles suitable for viewing TV, movies, theater performances, and sporting events

Ultimate VIP Package
Vision In Preschoolers (VIP) pediatric vision screener includes stereoacuity test and fun frame occluders

Universal Adult Trial Frames
Adult trial frames with both PD and temple adjustable


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