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Surgical Caps

Surgical head caps available in 11 different styles

Titanium Universal Trial Frame

Lightweight and easy to use trial frame with adjustable PD from 54mm to 70mm

Vertical LEA SYMBOLS® Earrings

Represent your love for the LEA SYMBOLS® with these stylish earrings, two in each set

VTD Eye Model

Vision Threatening Disease (VTD) Eye Model demonstrates the three most common eye diseases like Glaucoma, AMD and Diabetic Retinopathy

Warm White LED Stand Mag 5X

Hand-Held Illuminated Magnifier

Wolff Wand Kit with Stand

Wolff Wands Kit with Stand includes all 4 specialized fixation wands for use in various procedures such as Retinoscopy, Cover Test, and Ocular Motility

+2.50 Hyperopia Glasses
Hyperopia Glasses (Hard Lens) +2.50 Lens

2.5X Monocular Telescope with Cord (Achromatic)

2.5X Monocular Hand-Held Telescope

2-inch Eye Model with Muscles

Small 2-inch wide detailed Eye Model for the exam room

4x12 Close-Focus Monocular Telescope with Cord

4X12 Monocular Hand-Held Telescope

ALGERBRUSH II Pterygium Replacement Tip
Pterygium replacement tips for the ALGERBRUSH II. Replacements include both the Pterygium Tip and Chuck

BigEye 4k LED Bulb

bright white (4000k) LED Bulb for the BigEye 1418

BiNasal Frosted Occluder and Ruler
Bi-Nasal occlusion is used in treatment of patients with acquired brain injury which includes traumatic brain injury (TBI) and stroke, double vision, amblyopia, esotropia, convergence excess, divergence insufficiency, and visual over-stimulation/confusion

Black Round Style Clip-on Occluders

Black round style clip-on occluders available in 4 sizes

Children's Plastic Eye Patch with Foam Edge
Hard plastic children eye shield with foam edge for comfort. Available in 3 different colors

Clear Maddox with 45º Lines
Handheld Clear Maddox with 45º angled lines from center

Clip On Black Occluder
Black metal opaque black occluder

Combination Frosted and Opaque Occluder
Combination frosted and opaque occluder

Combination Maddox and Frosted Occluder
Combination maddox and frosted occluder with 45° lines from center


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