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Pediatric Low Contrast Near

Pediatric Near Contrast testing provides an efficient means to detect or track ocular pathologies, including glaucoma, ARMD, diabetic retinopathy, cataract, and keratoconus. Low contrast acuity loss measurement can used to demonstrate progress in disease treatment and help children’s parents understand the need for continued support.

Peli Lens Fitting Kit (One Pair)

Provides visual field expansion up to 30º for patients with visual field loss from homonymous hemianopia

Pewter Metal Prismatic Spectacle

Pewter Metal Prismatic Spectacle glasses available in different diopter sizes

Phoropter Rod
Metal phoropter rod for near point roto charts

Pink Blossom Flip-up Occluder Glasses

Fun and colorful pink blossom pediatric flip-up occluding glasses for children

Pink Poodle - Distance Fixation Animal

A Pink Poodle Distance Fixation Animal that walks and barks

Plastic Occluders

Plastic Eye Occluder Set
Set of 6 plastic occluders available in either Black or Gray

Pool Table Vectograph

Pool Table Polarized Variable Vectograph offers a three-dimensional picture used to strengthen binocular system and providing base-in and/or base-out vision training

Popcorn Polarized Variable Vectograph Vision Therapy System
Popcorn Polarized Variable Vectograph Vision Therapy System with therapy binder

Preschool LED Insta-Line Quantum

Preschool LED Insta-Line Quantum
Preschool LED Insta-Line Quantum which includes LEA Symbols and HOTV vision screening charts

Prism Bar Set with Storage Box
Combination vertical and horizontal prism set in metal storage case

Prism Individual Trial Lens
Individual prism replacement trial lens with tabbed chrome ring

Prism Lens Sets
High quality loose prism lenses for your practice

Prism Set with Magnetic Handle

Magnetic Handles on prisms provide better control and less rotation, making them much faster, more precise, cleaner (less fingerprints on the prism) with less fumbling

Random Dot 2 Stereopsis Test

Random Dot 2 stereopsis test


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