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38mm Flat Yoked Prism

38mm Corrected Flat Yoked Prisms to be used with yolked frames

48mm Flat Yoked Prism

48mm Corrected Flat Yoked Prisms to be used with yolked frames

Wide Elastic Strap for Yoked Prism Frames

Wide elastic strap for the Yoked Prism Frames provides more patient comfort

Yoked Prism Frame with Elastic String

Yoked prism frame with elastic string available in 2 different sizes

Computer Anaglyph Screen Filter

Red/Green Computer Anaglyph Screen Filter is used when computer games are designed to be run in Red/Green mode to serve as follow-up Amblyopia training

FusioBox Visual Trainer

Special Order - Not Available For Expedited Shipping. This product takes 4-6 weeks to ship.

FusioBox is a visual training tool used by Behavioural Optometrists for training children whose abnormalities are visual in origin

g-Labs Card Adaptor
Utilize your analog tools in a modern way with the card adaptor for the Stereoscope for iPad

g-Labs Stereoscope for iPad
g-Labs Stereoscope is a brewster-type stereoscope for visional training using the iPad using applications that can be found on Apple iTunes Store.

Hendrickson Lifesaver Card

Base-in convergence vision training cards

Hess Laser Complete Kit

Hess Complete Test Kit for understanding full visual field and any Aniseikonic affects

Marsden Ball

Basic vision therapy tool with both numbers and letters available in either white or yellow

Red/Green Reading Sheets

A Red/Green Reading sheet used for anti-suppression training while your patient reads or looks at a picture

Translid Binocular Interactor (TBI)

Translid Binocular Interactor (TBI) is especially suitable for those suffering from amblyopia, alternating vision and suppressions of the visual process

Vertical Fusion Target Set

Vertical Fusion Target Set is used in the treatment of vertical tropias or strabismus

Wesson Fixation Disparity Card

Measurements include horizontal and vertical fixation disparity, associated phoria, and forced vergence fixation disparity curves used for fixation typing and the effects of visual therapy

Alternating Flippers (Rock Flippers)

Alternating Flippers are used to increase the speed and reduce the latency of the speed of response for patients that have difficulty shifting focus


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