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ION SurgiView 28D Surgical Lens

Autoclavable 28D SurgiView lens designed for small pupil diagnosis and treatment

Tangent Screen Test Objects
Test objects for use with the Tangent Screen when checking visual field

Amsler Grid Chart Set, Expanded
Bound book containing 7 different expanded amsler grids that includes white dots, parallel line, and parallel line with central line grid

Automated Confrontation Visual Field Tester (ACV)
Easily and quickly tests threshold or visual fields

g-Labs Card Adaptor
Utilize your analog tools in a modern way with the card adaptor for the Stereoscope for iPad

Inami M-CHARTS™ for Metamorphopsia Assessment Ver. 2.0

Special Order - Not Available For Expedited Shipping

A book used to quantify metamorphopsia in patients with age-related macular degeneration, macular hole, and epiretinal membrane


detects losses in the periphery field of vision

Magnetic Amsler Grid (10pk)

A valuable tool for detecting central visual field distortion which may indicate the onset or progression of macular degeneration

Peli Lens Fitting Kit (One Pair)

Provides visual field expansion up to 30º for patients with visual field loss from homonymous hemianopia

Tangent Screen - 1 Meter

Providing a very accurate of charting the central and Para-central field of vision

Vertical Fusion Target Set

Vertical Fusion Target Set is used in the treatment of vertical tropias or strabismus

Awaya Aniseikonia Test
Awaya Test proving a manual method to test for aniseikonia in patients.

Black & White Optokinetic Flag
Black & White Optokinetic Flag available in 3 different frequency

Cyclo-deviation Test Book
Cyclo-deviation or Torsional Displacement to test for imbalances of the eye muscles

Damato Campimeter
Damato Campimeter

Large Red/Green Anti-Suppression Goggles

Red/Green Anti-Suppression Goggles are intended to be used with various games and exercises for anti-supression training

Optokinetic Banner
Optokinetic Banner will fill a patient's visual field to produce involuntary Optokinetic Nystagmus (OKN) physiologic jerk. Available in either Red & White or Black & White stripes.

Optokinetic Drum

Optokinetic Drum accurately tests for nystagmus when rotated and available in 3 different sizes

Peli Press-On Bulk Pack (4 Pair)

Provides visual field expansion up to 30º for patients with visual field loss from homonymous hemianopia

Tangent Screen Wand
For use with tangent screens as part of the confirmation response when checking visual field.

Amsler Giveaways

Intended to be given to patients to use at home, sold as a package of 250 sheets

Amsler Scoring Chart Pad

White grid with black lines to be used by patient to sketch location of aberrations

Bagolini Red Filter Bar

Special Order - Not Available For Expedited Shipping

Bar consists of optical filters of progressive density and provides a graduated system of dissociation, useful to reinforce weak fusional status.

Bott Wand

Provides a blinking LED light for visual field testing - batteries not included

Slip-In Red/Green Filters

Slip-in filters with red on one side, green on the other

Tangent Screen - One Meter Complete Kit With Screen, Test Objects and Accessories

Provides a very accurate method of charting the central and para-central field of vision


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