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ColorCheck™ Handheld Color Vision Screening Tablet
Color vision screening is now as easy as using your favorite app

ColorCheck Complete Vision Screener
Combining all our color books into one easy to use color vision screening book for both adults and children

Laminated HRR Test

Laminated HRR Standard Pseudoisochromatic Test, 4th Edition
HRR Pseudoisochromatic Test laminated for extra protection when testing color vision in children

Richmond HRR Standard Pseudoisochromatic Test

HRR Standard Pseudoisochromatic Test, 4th Edition
Richmond HRR Standard Pseudoisochromatic color vision testing book

HRR/Amsler Combination Color Book
HHR standard pseudoisochromatic color test now also includes Amsler charts.


Identifies protan, deutan, and tritan deficiencies

Blue/Yellow Subset

subset of the HRR 4th Edition used for testing Tritan only

Brush for HRR Test

Brush used to avoid fingerprints

City University, London Test

Useful for determining inherited defects for protan and deutan errors as well as acquired color vision defects

HRR Pediatric Matching Kit

Helps teach children the ‘matching concept’ using thee matching cards

Ishihara Color Test

Laminated test plates that leave colors unchanged while adding to the longevity

Ishihara Color Test - Unlettered

Tests for Red/Green using 8 plates, great for testing children

Matsubara Pediatric Color Test

Tests for Red/Green deficiency using 10 plates that children can recognize

Quick Six

Identifies protan, deutan, and tritan color vision deficients in individuals in under 1 minute

Red/Green Subset

16 Red/Green plates with score sheet

Roth 28 Hue Test

Studies axes of dyschromatopsia similar to the Farnsworth D15, but provides greater degree of sensitivity

Waggoner CCVT

All-in-one color vision testing software for testing color vision deficiencies

Waggoner Color Vision Testing Made Easy

Identifies genetic (red/green) color vision deficiencies in children


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